WonderWorld is Wonder's private modded server that some scrubs use to play different versions of Modded Minecraft, and in the past, survival. While the actual "WonderWorld" server in its current iteration has been around for about two months now, WonderWorld has been around since 2016 or so as his own server, changing hosts numerous times.

Prior to this, WonderWorld was Wonder's testing server for plugins.

History Edit

In 2016, Wonder offered the scrubs to play survival after being deprived of Memeworld Survival. He bought a server and they played for about a month before they all got bored and left. Eventually, the server got deleted and was put on hiatus until 2017 when Wonder bought a new one to play Voltz on. While he loved it, a lot of people felt bored by it, or thought it was too difficult.

In August, Ed and Wonder decided that Ultra Modded Survival was good but too scrubby at the same time, and sought to create their own pack to relieve the scrubs of both the lag of UMS and the sheer amount of mods. The fruit of their labor became the Pretty Neat Pack, a custom mod pack that combined splendid mods and didn't consume a tremendous lot of system memory or storage. 

Iterations Edit

WonderWorld first existed as a plug-in survival world, featuring MCMMO, factions, lockette, and other plugins. The goal was to prevent Stubal from salting out everytime someone raided his base (which was inevitable). After that went bust, another server was made, and was promptly put into disuse almost a week later. In July, Wonder bought another server purely for modded minecraft, and that server is still running to this day.

Notable Locations Edit

oops there are none C:

Mod packs featured Edit

  • Voltz - industrial and space themed modpack that had ICBMS and rockets.
  • Ultra Modded Survival - insanely large, neat, but annoying modpack with tons of new mobs, biomes, dimensions, and other items. Notable mods include Galacticraft 2 and Flan's Mod
  • Pretty Neat Pack - homebrew mod pack complete with the mods that the scrubs love, and none that they hate.

Trivia Edit

  • It is significantly less popular than Memeworld (but then again everyone is on bedwars rn so).
  • It is whitelisted.
  • Half the time Wonder has no clue what he is doing.
  • The server is prone to crashes if an incredibly large tree is spawned.