Chapter 1: The Emerald CollectiveEdit

Darth Emerald: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! At last! I have perfected it! After all these years... MY EVIL LAUGH IS COMPLETE!

Darth Darth: ...

Darth Emerald: Now I can take over THE WORLD! AHAHAHAHA!

Darth Emerald leaves his castle and runs to Pajeet Town and runs into a random Pajeet.

Pajeet: Hello!

Darth Emerald: You want to build me a wall...

Pajeet: I do?

Darth Emerald: Yes, you do!

Pajeet: Are you sure? I don't think I do.

Darth Emerald: You want to build me a wall...

Pajeet: But I am just a librarian...

Meanwhile back at the top of the mountain, Darth Darth shakes his head while watching Darth Emerald completely fail at using the Force, and figures that the only way to get something done right is to do it himself.

Darth Emerald: Now listen here! I am Darth Emerald and I demand-

Pajeet: I will build you a wall...

Darth Emerald: Oh. Okay.

A swarm of Pajoot suddenly appear saying the same thing. Darth Emerald runs back to the castle as they head off to work.

Darth Emerald: Did you see that? I was awesome!

Darth Darth rolls his eyes and Darth Emerald goes to oversee the construction. Meanwhile, back in Pajeet Town, Captain Clanker has noticed the suspicious activity of the Pajoot.

Captain Clanker: There has been some sort of disturbance and the Pajoot have all moved to the west. You two go check it out.

Clanker-6 and Clanker-7: Roger roger.

The Clankers head off.

Clanker-6: I don't get what all the fuss is about. They're probably just looking for a designated street.


Darth Emerald observes the construction of the wall.

Clanker-7: You there! What are you doing?

Pajeet: We are building a wall!

Clanker-7: Who authorized this?

Pajeet: Darth Emerald.

Darth Emerald: Hello!

Clanker-6: The construction of this wall was not authorized by Grand Illuminati King Chill! Cease construction at once!

Darth Emerald: We can keep building the wall...

Clanker-7: No you can't! We're going to have to take you in for questioning.

Darth Emerald: Don't make me use my Force lightning!

Clanker-6: Force lightning? That's ridiculous!

Darth Emerald attempts to use Force lightning on the Clankers, but fails miserably leaving everyone confused. Suddenly, Darth Darth shoves them both against the wall, disabling them.

Clanker-7: Whyyyy...

Darth Emerald: I think we are going to have to reprogram these Clankers.

Pajeet: But we are too stupid... :(

Darth Emerald: Wait! I have an idea!

Darth Emerald runs off somewhere.

Later that night...

Sheev: Joker, get out. We're closing.

Joker: Aw, c'mon, why so serious?

Sheev tosses Joker out of the Villain Pub with the Force and locks the door behind him. He takes out a holoprojector and contacts Darth Vader.


Sheev contacts Darth Vader.

Sheev: There is a great disturbance in the Force...

Darth Vader: I have felt it.

Sheev: Someone is breaking the Rule of Two... Bring the Imperial fleet and Grand Moff Tarkin. We will destroy these so-called "Sith Lords", whoever they are.

Darth Vader: Yes, master.

Darth Emerald and Darth Darth sneak around in the forest surrounding Fun Village.

Darth Emerald: Be very very quiet! This... is a stealth mission! Oh look, an emerald.

Darth Emerald falls into one of the villager traps.

Darth Emerald: AHHH!! SAVE ME!! Oh wait, I have the Force.

Darth Darth rolls his eyes and Darth Emerald uses a Force jump to get out.

Darth Emerald: Ha ha ha... um, anyway, let's go.

They arrive at a small opening in the side of a hill. A sign reads "Broccoli Research Center".

Darth Emerald: Hello! I am Darth Emerald!

Dr. George: wat do u want u stupd fat nos

Darth Emerald: I am in need of your services.

Dr. George: no, go kys

Darth Emerald: And I will pay you handsomely in... POTATOES!

Dr. George: i like u, lets go slaves

Dr. George and his assistants Worldeater the Adorable and Scar the Fluffiest follow Darth Emerald and Darth Darth back to their castle.

Chapter 2: The Imperial InvasionEdit

Illuminati Soldier: Sir!

Chill: wut do you want i'm looking at memes smh

Illuminati Soldier: There's several large spacecraft approaching Billville. Also, yesterday a rogue Pajeet who goes by the name of, uh... "Darth Emerald" convinced the rest of the Pajoot to build a wall and he's taken eastern Billville over.

Chill: rip

Illuminati Soldier: Also we ran out of tacos.


Illuminati Soldier: Uh...

Chill: thanks obama smh

Illuminati Soldier: Sir, we sent Obama to the salt mines months ago.

Chill: well, blame isai then i guess


Chill and two Illuminati Soldiers watch the approaching Imperial Star Destroyers.

Chill leaves to see just what the heck is happening. Sure enough, three Imperial Star Destroyers are approaching Billville.

Chill: WELP i'm getting out of here

Stormtroopers arrive and start arresting the citizens because they can.

CIA: Stormtroopers, I'm CIA.

TK-428: You're going to have to come with us.

CIA: Uh, you don't get to bring me.


CIA and the Stormtroopers get into a shootout.

CIA pulls out his handgun. The Stormtroopers start shooting but miss every time. CIA shoots but misses and hits a lamp instead. The bullet ricochets off the lamp and hits CIA.

CIA: No! This can't be happening! I'm in charge here!

CIA dies (again) and the Stormtroopers stand around, not really sure what just happened.

Deadpool: Oh, Bleepio this. What the- a Bleepioing censor? Are you kidding me? Well either way, I'm not letting a bunch of bucketheads take over my shop.

Deadpool gathers his stock into minecarts and rigs his shop with TNT while obliterating the Stormtroopers that show up to arrest him in various ways.

Deadpool: Well, my work here is done.


Deadpool's shop explodes.

Deadpool leaves with his items as the TNT goes off, destroying the shop. Just then, a TIE fighter passes by and blasts Deadpool's minecarts, destroying most of his items.

Deadpool: Bleepio!

TK-501: You're coming with us.

Sans: nah i'm good.

TK-501: That wasn't a question.

Sans tosses the Stormtrooper away and takes a shortcut out of Billville.

Trump puts on a black cloak as the Stormtroopers enter Gravity Malls.

TK-618: Oh, uh, Emperor! Uh, I, er, um, uh...

Trump: Uh, yes, I'm Emperor Palpatine. By the way, you're fired.

TK-618: Aw...

Trump escapes. Another Stormtrooper enters Robbie Rotten's Net Emporium.

Robbie Rotten: GO!

Robbie grabs a net and throws it at the Stormtrooper, but just gets himself tangled in it.

TK-920: ...That was easy.

The Great Noob: hi :D

TK-108: The Emperor has given us orders to destroy this eyesore.

The Great Noob: wait what D:

Stormtroopers start destroying The Great Noob's property. The Great Noob grabs Dirt and Dirt Jr. and escapes on Donkey Jr., escaping Billville just before the gates shut.

The Great Noob: that was rude :(

Two Stormtroopers bring Robbie Rotten and Kite-Man to formerly Chill's, now just Sheev's throne room.

Sheev: Ah yes. Robbie Rotten and Charles "Kite-Man" Brown. Villains, correct?

Robbie Rotten: Well, uh, technically, yes.

Sheev: Goooood... you two are permitted to keep running your businesses.

Kite-Man: Kite-Man, heck yeah!

TK-996: You're weird.

Robbie and Kite-Man leave to keep selling things.

Sheev: I think we are going to have to prepare for an... extended stay. Prepare to begin the Imperialization process. I am putting Grand Moff Tarkin in charge of the project.

Darth Vader: So what are we going to do about these Sith Lords?

Sheev: Oh, I have a plan...

Clanker-11: Hold on! I'm getting new orders! ...Hostile invaders? Alright men! Let's show them what we Clankers are made of!

Clankers: Roger roger.

TK-789: Heh, this doesn't look so hard.

TK-789 heads toward the Billage and gets tossed in the air by a Clanker.


TK-789 slams headfirst into the Trump Wall.

TK-789: -sion........

The Loser Nobody Liked: Do not worry citizens! I am a Jedi!

The Loser Nobody Liked appears holding a toy green lightsaber.

Mel N. Head: Is he serious?

The Loser Nobody Liked: CHAAAAAAAAAAAAA-

The Loser Nobody Liked runs toward the Stormtroopers but gets shot and dies.

TK-606: I did it! I hit something! I HIT SOMETHIIII-

TK-606 trips and falls down the well and meets a bunch of skeletons.

TK-606: Uh... hi?

The Skeletons stare at TK-606 for a while and assume that he is also a skeleton because he's white.

Skeleton: Welcome brother!

TK-606: Help.

Back on the surface, the Clankers are overwhelming the Imperial forces.

TK-819: What do we do? Our blaster bolts aren't even doing anything!

TK-771: That's because we aren't hitting them!

TK-604: Switch to stun, idiots!

TK-819: Oh, okay.

The Stormtroopers stun the Clankers, disabling them easy.

TK-771: That was easy.

TK-604: Only because you get a large range with that.

Salt E. Scrub: Oh no! What do we do?!

Po Tater: I have an idea! Pretend to be a statue!

The Villagers start pretending to be statues. The Stormtroopers aren't fooled but also don't care.

TK-819: So... are these guys aliens or something?

TK-448: I don't know, but they're kind of freaking me out.

Chapter 3: Wake Maul Up InsideEdit