Skogkatten (or simply Skog) was a server formerly in Minecraft. It existed from spring 2015 to September 2015.





Skogkatten was founded in Spring 2015 by TheMCKatniss (Kat) after CrizMality had closed down. In July 2015 DukeofHoth would slowly invite everyone from the CPWN who plays Minecraft to join the server.

June 2015Edit

Among the first to join from the Network were Mario_Rk, Freezeguy01 and TuxxedoCat. Mario had originally settled on a mountain some distance from the spawn. He had intended to stay there, although when Freeze and Tux decided to settle below his mountain, Mario quickly left far away to settle beside a lake next to a Roofed Forest.

Shortly after Freeze and Cats's settling, KennV would unleash the chaos that nuked and destroyed almost all of Skogkatten. Luckily, no permanent damage was served since the server wasn't saving at that time.

Chill57181 was gifted Minecraft by Duke around this time and joined Skog as one of his first Minecraft Survival experiences. He would quickly settle to a mountain system near Mario.

Meanwhile, Duke was developing a kingdom he named Hoth after the planet from Star Wars.

to be continued when mario isnt lazy or someone else can do it for him that's cool