Mironitis (also known as the Miron Plague, Miron Disease, or MD) is a disease commonly spread throughout the Club Penguin community, however it has also spread to YouTube,[1] ##werewolf,[2], Everybody Edits[3], and Minecraft[4] in some minor cases. The first victim was Miron and it quickly spreaded out to nearly everyone he met. Today there have been over 20 known cases of Mironitis.

Known Victims

  1. Miron (Phase D)
  2. Snowstormer (Phase C)
  3. Penstubal (Phase C)
  4. Mario Rk (Cured)
  5. Chill57181 (Cured)
  6. SlenderXP (Cured)
  7. Spydar007 (Phase A)
  8. FumingNergal (Phase A)
  9. Agent Isai (Phase C)
  10. Quackerpingu (Phase A)
  11. Aquamarina14 (Phase A)
  12. TheBroMaster (Phase A)
  13. Penblooe (Phase A)
  14. fwilson (Phase A)
    Dave33333 (Just a weirdo who wants to be kewl and pretends to have it)
  15. Titanium Ninja (Phase A)
  16. Petey K (Phase A)
  17. Mahna Mahna (Cured)
  18. CK (Cured)
  19. KSM (Phase A)
  20. WinniFrog (Phase A)
  21. Sebapilka (Phase A)
  22. init (Phase A)
  23. Penguinrice (Phase A)
  24. Castlemaster712 (Phase A)
  25. C H U N K Y (Phase A)
  26. rika (Phase A)
  27. Skeleton (Phase A)
  28. Golden_Guardian7 (Phase A)


Phase A

Phase A involves the victim repeatedly responding to almost everything as either "k" or ".". Mironitis can be easily avoided with no effort.

Phase B

In Phase B, victim will begin screaming "AAAAAA" when annoyed or frightened. Victims will still demostrate the previous phase's side effects as well. Mironitis can still be easily cured with little effort.

Phase C

Assuming the victim has an IRC client, they will begin to use rainbows and ( ≖‿≖) or ಠ_ಠ after a remark. Mironitis is still curable, although it'll more effort to do so.

Phase D

At this point the victim has reached the final stage of Mironitis. There is no known cure once a victim has reached this stage. There is so far only one case of Phase D Mironitis (Miron himself).

Decrease in Infection

Thanks to awareness of Mirontis, those with it have slowly learned to cure themselves from the disease. Today, if anyone were to get infected with Mironitis, its doubtful he or she will ever reach Phase B.

Known Cures

These are all the known cures to Mironitis:

The Sharkbate Cure

The Sharkbate Cure was developed by Sharkbate (hence the name). It involves spamming Miron with messages and memos. This method will only work with Phase A and Phase B victims.

Those with Mironitis have adapted to this method and may be immune. Use this method with caution because the infected may attack in retaliation.


People used to be able to cure themselves of Phase A Mironitis by saying o"k" instead of k. This method did not work once the victim has reached Phase B. This method no longer works because saying o"k" became too mainstream, and only people with immunity can use it - otherwise it is a sign of Mironitis.

A new method of self-curing involves the victim stopping themselves from acting like they have Mironitis, which is actually very easy.

Natural Immunity

Certain people are epic enough to be immune to Mironitis naturally. So far only Chill57181, Cp kid, Hat Pop, Mario Rk, and Sharkbate are known to have this immunity. However, people with natural immunity can still become a Mironitis Zombie.

Wait It Out

You can cure yourself of Mironitis by quarantining yourself and staying away from Miron as much as possible. Eventually, you will slowly cure yourself of the disease.

Mironitis Zombies


A crowd of Mironitis Zombies.

Miron's personality is so warped that it could turn anyone into a mindless zombie.
— Metalmanager

In October of 2014, Metalmanager created "Mironitis Zombies" to take over Club Penguin Island, caused by mixing Miron's DNA in pizza dough and giving it away for free.

It starts off as normal Phase C Mironitis (although instead of using rainbows on IRC, the victim just wants to talk about rainbows), however at night the victim becomes a mindless Mironitis Zombie. They can easily be fooled by uninfected penguins pretending to be Mironitis Zombies. Apparently, Mironitis Zombies can all be controlled by Metalmanager. If the victim is still a Mironitis Zombie when the sun rises, they cannot be cured.

Mironitis Zombies can be cured by a special antidote or someone wearing an ugly chicken suit.

Chill57181, Cp kid, Eggplant, Mandog, Mario Rk, Penstubal, Sharkbate, Snowstormer, Techman129, and two unidentified penguins all became Mironitis zombies during the outbreak.


  • Mironitis was named after its first victim, Miron.
  • Many people have tried to make other diseases based on Mironitis, however all of these are fake and were made up by people with too much free time. Only Mironitis exists.


  1. FumingNergal, Castlemaster712
  2. fwilson, init, rika
  3. KSM
  4. Skeleton, Golden_Guardian7

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