Crossroad Disaster

Crossroad Disaster information

The Fortville Crossroad Disaster happened at 4:09 PM Fortville Time on 27 April 2017 in the city of Fortville, Vynland, the de-jure capital of the country. At 4:09 PM Fortville Time, the ground at the crossroad between Shade Street and Lone Road suddenly sank into the ground, taking the lives of 4 birbs and 1 testificate along with it. The damage was large, especially on the Mario's Ye Olde Style Pizza restaurant, but luckily, there weren't more deaths and the damage is not undoable.

However, Fortville's very existence after the disaster is in jeopardy. Government authorities know very well that Fortville's terrain is artificial. Fortville's terrain was built over the years and it earned the shape it has today, with the Floralis river to the east, Shreck's Swamp to the west and the Floralis-Shreck's Swamp Canal to the south, and Grassrock to the north. The disaster has alarmed the people and the government, and the government is considering evacuation of all citizens on the pretext that the terrain is unstable and too thin to be lived on.

The government has later discovered other areas that may be prone to sinking include Trump Steaks building, the Marketplace, the Government Building and Laur's Coffee Shop. The rest of the entire country was determined safe. West Fortville was determined safe and only East Fortville has a major problem regarding sinking and terrain.

This disaster is expected to cost the government between 200 and 600 emeralds. A national day of mourning has been declared for 27 April 2017, and protests took place, demonstrating against the so-called horrible treatment of birbs in the city of Fortville. Residents held signs such as "Birbfugees Welcome!" and "Save the Birbs" to protest the government. The protesters demand better living conditions for the birbs and more government accountability and reparations for the lives lost and damage caused.

At 4:52 PM Fortville Time, the ground at that area sank even more into the ground. The roof of the Event Store, the roof of Mario's Ye Olde Style Pizza and even more of the road and terrain was even more destroyed. At 4:57 PM, the King Penstubal, at the time located in his Hillsburg estate, ordered the closure of the entire eastern part of the city along the parallel of the Pub Street. All citizens were evacuated to the western part of the city, into the swamp and into Penphalia.

At 7:36 PM the sinkhole even further fell but this time only slightly. No exterior damage happened, and there were no casualties.

McChill Global Corporation has been angered by the incident and subsequent closure of McChill's. They then noticed the state of the McChill's restaurant in Vynland was horrible and that it didn't even have a menu, so McChill's decided to close the restaurant down and also flew it away out of Vynland via helijet, on 29 April 2017. This has been followed by massive protests, in which nearly all of the city of Fortville participated, protesting the government and calling for a return of McChill's to Vynland as well as calling for the country's terrain to be fixed. People tried to break in the still-closed eastern part of the city to no avail.

On 30 April 2017, King Penstubal announced that the funeral for the victims of the tragedy will be held later today in the swamp cemetery. This has been followed by massive protests against the government and call for justice for the birb victims.


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