The Kingdom of Vynland is a parliamentary monarchy located south of Pumaslavia and Germania, north of Sunflower Kingdom and The Closet, and west of the Cactus Kingdom. The king is Penstubal and the prime minister, elected on August 15th, 2016, is Pick Saltorum of the Nationalist Party. National Vynland day is on August 24.

The capital city is called The Capital, and it is situated between the Danoob river on the east, Shreck's Swamp to the west, Grassrock to the north and Sunflower Kingdom to the south. It is flat and under sea level, which is a problem in case of flooding.



The country was founded shortly after the Sunflower Kingdom in December 2015. It is the second kingdom to be founded on this brand new server called Isailand. Penstubal immediately got to work on building the city of Wina (which back then had no name - the whole area was simply called Vynland), building a very unorganized and unplanned system of roads. The first building on Vynland used to be the Capital Fort, which was frequently raided by Da Illuminati members. It was made of stone and nether bricks and has two towers, one on the western side and one on the eastern side.

Old Vynland (December 2015 - June 2016) was very small and was a pretty big mess. King Penstubal didn't expand the territory of the kingdom very rapidly because he was too lazy, which turned out to be a mistake in his view as he is now surrounded by neighbors he feels aren't friendly to his kingdom. Among the attractions of Old Vynland were the Capital Fort (mentioned earlier), National Gallows (in Royal Square), several villager houses, and the Stubal Towers which were built in February 2016 and demolished in June 2016. There was also "The Slide", which was not built by Penstubal and was instead part of a troll, which King Penstubal decided to keep even though he didn't make it.

The kingdom saw constant trolls and pranks every few days, which used to often make the King go temporarily insane (and still do). One of the most known trolls was the December 2015 Melon Bombing, in which Vynland was raided by melons (reason melons were used is because Penstubal constantly used to refer Chill as a "melonhead").

There used to be tensions, and there still are, between Pumaslavia and Vynland over the territory of Grassrock, since the very creation of Vynland. There was an incident in December 2015: a bomb exploded in a Vynland base in Grassrock's ravine built by Pumaslam for Penstubal, which prompted Pumaslam to exit Grassrock and found a kingdom in the mountains of Slavia called Pumaslavia. The two nations would then bicker over whom Grassrock belongs to. Ed intervened in January 2017 to finally stop the year long conflict, and Grassrock was divided between Pumaslavia and Vynland (the northern side going to Pumaslavia, the southern with the ravine going to Vynland). However, tensions still remain and Ed threatens to remove Grassrock off the map if the two continue fighting.

Meanwhile, while tensions and disputes were ongoing at home, Penstubal decided to possibly abandon Vynland for a more isolated and better location. He found the island of Woodland, in the Dank Ocean, east of modern day Castlemore and at the delta of the Floralis river. He decided to settle there in February 2016 and he founded a personal residence there for himself. Later he decided to turn it into a fully functional colony to which Vynns can move to and in June 2016 also granted it dominion status, and he also kept ownership of the Vynn Mainland. The colony of Woodland boomed and so he decided to move on to found even more new colonies. In June 2016 he founded the colony of New Blocky City and created a major city there. In August 2016, South of NBC, on the other side of the Dank Ocean, he founded the colony of New Vynland, which later got renamed Hillsburg. Hillsburg became the most successful colony in his eyes because of its size, space and many buildings he built there. By August 2016, the Kingdom of Vynland wasn't just a kingdom anymore, it was also an Empire. In late 2016 all the colonies were turned into fully fledged states of the Kingdom of Vynland, or the Vynland Empire. In late 2016 the colony of Parthia was also founded, northeast of Woodland in the Parthian desert, which also became a state of the Empire.

In June 2016, the King decided to launch the Vynland Improvement Project (VIP). Nearly all works, sans the Viking House, Snowstormer's Dual Houses and the Marketplace, have been demolished and new buildings have been set up in place. Some roads were repaired and improved but most were kept. Among the buildings demolished was the Capital Fort, which many people now seem to miss as it was a constant target of trolls and represented many memories to people. In its place was put the Government Building, a two-story building made of stone bricks and with a wooden roof. The two Stubal Towers were demolished as well. Those two buildings contained embassies of foreign countries and many offices and restaurants. A brand new Stubal Tower was constructed in New Blocky City.

Major religious changes happened in Vynland throughout 2016. At first, most Vynns were of Melonist faith. By early 2016 that faith had died and most Vynns had converted to the Sunflower church. However, in middle 2016, the Church of mr skeltal started booming and increasing rapidly in followers. Missionaries from Billville successfully managed to convert Vynland to the mr skeltal religion, however, in late 2016, the Vynland church of mr skeltal declared itself fully separate from the Billville one and started calling its religion Calcism or Skeletism. Vynland remains firmly Calcist today, a very religious nation with many Calcist followers.

Vynland continued thriving. Vynland also started expanding west of Wina, towards Shreck's Swamp and Penphalia, where even more settlements were founded. At home, Vynland started flourishing and the economy started booming. Meme Square was created on March 6th, 2017 in front of Saint Skeltal's church. Farms were created in Shreck's Swamp which caused the agricultural sector to boom. In April 2017, a new city called New Paris was created northwest of Octopia.

On April 27, 2017, at 4:09 PM Vynland Time, a huge part of the city, the crossroads of Lone Road and Shade Street near Mario's Ye Olde Style Pizza and McChill's restaurants, has sank into the ground, killing 4 birbs and 1 testificate. It is so far unknown what caused this sinkhole and the massive damage to the buildings in the area, and government authorities believe it's because of Vynland's very unstable and thin terrain: however, whatever the cause might be, this has changed the history of Fortville forever and could result in massive changes to the look, design and terrain of Fortville. This disaster came to be known as the Fortville Crossroad Disaster.

On May 21, 2017, violent clashes took place at Meme Square and Royal Square in Fortville. Fascists were protesting all day at the Royal Square, demanding deportation and killings of birbs in Vynland. The fascist protests were countered by leftist anti-fascists at Meme Square, who demanded diversity, deportation of fascists, and helping poor birbs find their homes. The two sides eventually clashed in the Meme Street that connects the two squares. Only 1 person was hurt, a feminist man.


December 2015The Kingdom of Vynland is founded by Pentsubal as a small fort village next to the Floralis river. Expansion proceeds slowly, in contrast to Pumaslavia, Sunflower and Cactus which started expanding very rapidly.

January 2016Treaty of Cactulupe-Pendalgo between the then-Cactus Kingdom and the Kingdom of Vynland, with Vynland ceding Cactulupe desert territory to Cactus.
February 2016Woodland and New Blocky City are colonized by Vynn ocean explorers.

June 2016Treaty of Billville signed between then-Cactus Kingdom and Kingdom of Vynland, giving Vynland the Liber Land territory and giving Cactus Kingdom the Florulpe territory.
June 2016Hillsburg is settled and the greatest Vynland colony is established there. Also, main Vynland undergoes massive reforms. The Old Fort is torn down, the entire city is renovated and massive expansion towards the swamp occurs. Vynland becomes a very large nation and key power on the global stage.

August 2016The Penstubal National Convention 2016 takes place in the state of Hillsburg.
January 2017The desert state of Parthia is established and a new capital city for Vynland is built here called Parthapolis. The Treaty of Parthapolis is signed between the Cactus Empire and Kingdom of Vynland, with Vynland acquiring part of the Parthian desert and Cactus acquiring the Sarmatian territory in the Spawn desert.

April 2017The new state of New Paris is established northwest of Octopia. It becomes a bustling city themed like IRL Paris. The crossroads and buildings between Shade Street and Lone Road collapse, killing 4 birbs and 1 testificate, changing Fortville's history forever.


Vynland Before June 2016Edit



The Vynn military is consisted mainly of Vindicators who are blood-thirsty and kill everything on their path. It also has a lot of sheep, llamas, villagers and more.


The government building of Vynland located in The Capital, with the throne and the parliament and his majesty's cabinet.
Government Building owned by The State
Trump Steaks are some of the world's greatest steaks, and Vynland is the only place where you can buy them. Though it's not guaranteed it's safe to consume.
Trump Steaks owned by Donald Trump
Store in Vynland owned by Pink Sheep. (Note that while he manages it, he isn't in the store all the time).
Pink Sheep's Plants and Food owned by Pink Sheep


Penstubal is the mayor of Wina and the king of Vynland. He is the founder of the country and he is very popular among Vynns.
Pink Sheep is a celebrity and one of the 15 most powerful sheep according to Vynn mythology. He owns a bakery in Cactus Road, where he sells the most disagreeably damp, musty, and cold food in Vynland.
Pink Sheep
Mike is a butcher who owns the company Mike's Meat. His meat is very popular and Mike makes a lot of money every day doing his job. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


In The Capital's Old Town, the architecture is identical to the one used in north Pumaslavia. The buildings there are made out of bricks with ceilings out of dark oak planks. The architecture, in Vynland, is referred to as Traditional Slavic, though it is also known as North Pumaslavic.

As you go west of Old Town, you can see the architecture changing. Vynland has a very diverse architecture with nearly every other building having a different look. The architecture is referred to as Vynn Architecture.

Far west, in rural Penphalia, the houses are identical to villager houses used in villages, and that architecture is refered to as Testificate Architecture.

In New Blocky City is the so-called Urban Architecture, which involves skyscrapers, stone bricks, sandstone bricks and many other blocks.

In New Paris, the Parisian Architecture is dominant and it involves many highly detailed buildings made out of stained hardened clay.

Culture and ReligionEdit

Vynland's population is predominately white, Calcist and of Vynn ethnicity, with a few Pumaslavic, Cactus and Billvillian minorities, and also Sunflower minorities thanks to Skeleton King's occupation there.

Major religious changes happened in Vynland throughout 2016. At first, most Vynns were of Melonist faith. By early 2016 that faith had died and most Vynns had converted to the Sunflower church. However, in middle 2016, the Church of mr skeltal started booming and increasing rapidly in followers. Missionaries from Billville successfully managed to convert Vynland to the mr skeltal religion, however, in late 2016, the Vynland church of mr skeltal declared itself fully separate from the Billville one and started calling its religion Skeltalism, Skeletism or Calcism. Vynland remains firmly Calcist today, a very religious nation with many Calcist followers.


English and Serbian are the two most common languages in Vynland. Serbian was the language of Ancient Vynns, who lived south in the areas of Woodland and Castlemore, before their mass exodus north towards modern day Vynland. English is today the dominant language, in contrast to how it was before. Since March 6, 2017, Latin is an official language as well. In New Paris, since April 2017, French is also an official language.


  • All Vynns have the right to bear arms. However, no citizen bears arms because they prefer to hold their hands together all the time.
  • There are elections for Chancellor every 6 months in Vynland. The last one, on February 15 2017, resulted in Pick Saltorum winning a second term.
  • Vynland is a predominately agricultural nation, although recently Chancellor Saltorum's administration has been planning on turning Vynland into a predominately industrial nation.
  • Vynland and Billville have a very unfriendly rivalry. Vynland dislikes the Billville government so much that they threatened war when Billville annexed neighboring Sunflower and Pumaslavia in January 2017.
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