The Illuminati Kingdom is a union of nations on Memeworld lead by Chill57181, DukeofHoth and Shade. The current Illuminati headquarters is within the heart of the Cactus Empire. It is a highly exclusive area with only a few select users allowed within; although this wouldn't prevent others from attempting to break in.

Originally the Illuminati was a secret society with a base in the End on an early Isailand map, however it was deleted along with the rest of the map because Isai failed to maintain it.

The Illuminati heavily advocates for the rights and protection of tbh smh fam, Flippity Floppities, and birbs.



November 2015Chill founds the Illuminati Kingdom in the desert east of Vynland. Originally nothing more than a large walled-off area.

UnknownKennV builds a pyramid, followed by a small stable for a horse Chill found in the Sunflower Kingdom, and a small dirt house with a secret railroad to Vynland.
UnknownChill founds Billville and gave most of Illuminati Kingdom's desert land to Duke, later used for the Cactus Kingdom.

UnknownRaspingLeech gave the Sponge Kingdom to the Illuminati Kingdom.
Late 2016TuxxedoCat gave the Sunflower Kingdom to the Illuminati in favor of Castlemore.

January 2017Pumaslam gave Pumaslavia to the Illuminati, on the condition that he could take it back whenever he wished.
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