Green Grass is Ed's personal resource pack and the official pack of Memeworld. It is used by almost everyone on Memeworld and includes many special models and textures.

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Legacy VersionsEdit


With Optifine installed, certain items can be given unique textures depending on their name using an anvil.

Original Item
Diamond Sword Germanian Broadsword Steel Sword
Germanian Shortsword Steel Shortsword
Emerald Sword Emerald Sword
Bedrock Sword Bedrock Sword
(Must be enchanted
with unbreaking)
Void Sword Void Sword
Runed Sword Runed Sword
Ender Sword End Crystal Sword
Magma Sword Magma Sword
Possessed Sword Possessed Sword
Dark Sword Dark Sword
Blade of the Illuminati Blade of the Illuminati
Diamond Axe Germanian War Axe Steel War Axe
Germanian Battleaxe Steel Battleaxe
Iron Sword Katana Katana
Sword of Righteousness Jack's Sword
Steel Sword Steel Sword
Bronze Sword Bronze Sword
Molten Sword Molten Sword
(Must be enchanted
with Fire Aspect)
Steeleaf Sword Steeleaf Sword
Thaumium Sword Thaumium Sword
Runed Sword Runed Sword
Scimitar Scimitar
Gladius Gladius
Possessed Sword Possessed Sword
Dark Sword Dark Sword
Meteor Sword Meteor Sword
Ancient Sword Ancient Sword
Wooden Sword Nerf Bat Nerf Bat
Birch Sword Birch Sword
Spruce Sword Spruce Sword
Jungle Sword Jungle Sword
Acacia Sword Acacia Sword
Dark Oak Sword Dark Oak Sword
Gold Sword Ice Sword Ice Sword
Glass Sword Glass Sword
Dark Sword Dark Sword
Runed Sword Runed Sword
Stone Sword Andesite Sword Andesite Sword
Diorite Sword Diorite Sword
Granite Sword Granite Sword
Meteor Sword Meteor Sword
Ancient Sword Ancient Sword
Wooden Axe WorldEdit Wand Wand
Haxe Haxe
Feather WorldEdit Brush Brush
Flint and Steel Combustible Lemon Flaming Lemon
Leather Cap
Leather Tunic
Leather Pants
Leather Boots
Fur Cap
Fur Tunic
Fur Pants
Fur Boots
Fur Armor
Cactus Hat
Cactus Shirt
Cactus Pants
Cactus Boots
Cactus Armor
(must be enchanted
with Thorns)
Villager Disguise
(helmet only)
Villager mask
Chainmail Helmet
Chainmail Chestplate
Chainmail Leggings
Chainmail Boots
Wooden Helmet
Wooden Chestplate
Wooden Leggings
Wooden Boots
Wooden Armor
Iron Helmet
Iron Chestplate
Iron Leggings
Iron Boots
Germanian Helmet
Germanian Chestplate
Germanian Leggings
Germanian Boots
Steel Armor
Steak Cheeseburger Cheeseburger
Raw Chicken Sleepytime Chicken Sleepytime Chicken
Cooked Chicken Fried Chicken Bucket of Chicken
Cookie Chocolate Chocolate Bar
Hard Candy Hard Candy
Candy Corn Candy Corn
Lollipop Lollipop
Gingerbread Man Gingerbread Creeper
Brownie Brownie
Donut Donut
Sprinkle Donut Sprinkle Donut Bread Sandwich PBJ Sandwich
Pumpkin Pie Pizza Pizza
Apple Pie Apple Pie
Triple Pickle Creme Pie Pickle Pie
Rotten Flesh Brain Brain
Baked Potato Potato on a Stick Potato on a Stick
French Fries French Fries
Apple Banana Banana
Grapes Grapes
Orange Orange
Pineapple Pineapple
Pinecone Pinecone
Lemon Lemon
Caramel Apple Caramel Apple
Coconut Coconut
Peach Peach
Pear Pear
Milk Chocolate Milk Chocolate Milk
Hot Chocolate Hot Chocolate
Eggnog Eggnog
Ice Cream Ice Cream
Milkshake Milkshake
Potato Potato Knish Potato Knish
Raw Fish (any) Goldfish Goldfish
Lobster Lobster
Sushi Sushi
Cooked Fish (any) Sushi Roll Sushi Roll
Pufferfish Jellyfish Jellyfish
Rotten Flesh
Meat Treat Mystery Meat
Emerald Ruby Ruby
Sugar Salt Salt
Flour Flour
Gray Dye Ash Ash
Cocoa Beans Bran Bran
Elytra Ender Dragon Wings Ender Dragon Wings
Phoenix Wings Phoenix Wings
Chicken Wings Fried Chicken Wings
Gold Nugget Key Gold Key
Iron Nugget Iron Key
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Businesses Bot ShopDelta CorporationDNNEpic ColaKFFLucky PotatoMario's Olde Style PizzaMcChill'sPuma SaltsSaltico Inc.Stubal AirlinesVillain Pub
Species BirbChillagerClankerFlippity FloppityGuy FieriGrawrLil IdiotMelonheadPajeetSnow Halatertbh smh famTurkeyWaifu
People Bill GavinThe GlobalistThe Great NoobHenryIvan the SpiderJerryMadame NubescuThe Loo Witch
Events Fortville Crossroad DisasterThe Great Pumaslavia-Vynland WarSpleef Cup 2016Spleef Cup 2017The Unofficial Official Memeworld Thanksgiving Day Parade 2016
Other Project AlraPumaslavic Improvement PlanReligionsStubal Statues"Stubal Sucks" CampaignWeapons and Tools
Behind the Scenes Green GrassMake Minecraft Great AgainPhoto Album

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