Prologue: CP Goes Wacky Edit

One day, Chill57181 got out of bed. However his treasured 5th Anniversary Hat was missing. Suddenly the Beta Hat, 2006 Party Hat, 2007 Party Hat, 2008 Party Hat, 4th Anniversary Hat and 5th Anniversary Hat appeared out of nowhere and started floating around his head.

"OH EM GEEEEEE! A CHANCE TO GET ALL THE PARTY HATS!" Chill screamed in excitement. He grabbed the 2005-2009 party hats, put them in his inventory, then grabbed the 2010 Party Hat and put it on his head. "I think I should go feed my puffles," he said.

He went out into the living room, and there were boxes everywhere and vortexes too. Suddenly a piece of the Shamrock pin floated by him, but he didn't notice. Then a Winged Viking Helmet fell from the attic and clonked him on the head. Then Orangey's tooth fell out, and then the same thing happened to Sunburst, and Speedy fell asleep.

"What the... This isn't right... At all!" Chill pondered. "I think I'll call LMGT."

He picked up his EPF Spy Phone and called LMGT. But it wasn't LMGT's voice he heard - it was Lightning McQueen's.

  • Lightning: Hello?
  • Chill: O_O
  • Lightning: HELLO?
  • Chill: Your not LMGT!!!!!!!!!

Chill broke his phone into pieces and Bouncer jumped out and randomly ate a log. He pieced it back together and called Mario.

  • Mario???: Yes?
  • Chill: You don't sound like Mario!
  • Mario???: But I am Mario!
  • Chill: Prove it!
  • Mario???: Erm, Johnny wants to talk to you.

"Oh man, what do I do, I'm not Mario, now what!" screamed Elmo.

  • Chill: MARIO? YOU THERE?
  • Record Player: It's time for Sesame Street!
  • Chill: O_O

Chill hung up and went over to Mario Rk's igloo. When he got there he saw Elmo and Cookie Monster.

"O_O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Chill. Then he saw Mario and LMGT inside a Cookie Machine, and Lightning McQueen was driving around a table in squares.

"Chill! Help! Cookie Monster is going to eat us!" called Mario.

"POOKIE ARMY!" cried Chill. Suddenly literally a million pookies came and tackled Cookie Monster and Elmo and broke Lightning McQueen.

"WELMO! GWIVE MWE WOO AUTOGWAPH!!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed a girl pookie.

"IT'S COOKIE MWONSTER! WUG ME PWEASE!" screamed another pookie.

Then a TV came on and it was showing Fred Goes Swimming.

  • Fred: I got a letter! I bet it's from my dad! Nyunununununununununununununununununun

"IT'S FRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!1!!!oneoneoneone11!!11!" screamed Elmo, Cookie Monster and the pookies. Suddenly they all blew up and destroyed the Cookie Machine.

"O_O" Chill, Mario and LMGT all said at the same time.

Chapter 1: O'Chunks to teh Rescue! Edit

"That was freaky!" said LMGT.

"Let's call Johnny and see what he's doing today," suggested Mario.

  • Chill: Heeeey Johnny!
  • Johnny: Oh, hi Chill. What's up?


  • Chill: The sky.
  • Johnny: Oh. Well, I'm hanging out with Awesome right now.
  • Chill: Bye.

"He's hanging out with Awesome. Let's go over there," suggested Chill.

Then some leather guy popped up.

"Heeeeeeey! Don't forget me!" said Fonzie.

"O_O you should be in Happy Days!" LMGT protested.

"But I wanna come along! I'm tired of being stuck in a TV screen!" Fonzie replied.

"Blah blah blah," said Mario out of boredom. "Oh look, a package!"

"Where?" Fonzie asked.

Suddenly Chill, Mario and LMGT ditched him while he wasn't looking.

"Oh, Mario, guess what?" Chill said.

"What?" Mario asked. Then Chill showed him a stick of TNT.

":O" Mario screamed and ran off.

"No, this is what I wanted to show you." Chill said. Then he went through his inventory and pulled out the Beta Hat he got. Suddenly he got a crowd of 100 penguins.

"O_O!!!!" screamed Mario. Chill put back on his 5th Year Anniversary Hat and the crowd ran away. Then they kept waddling to Johnny's Igloo.

"Knock knoooooooock! Any spaghetti-os at-ome?" Mario asked.

"Your weird." Chill said.

"I know! Isn't that awesome?" Mario replied.


Chill broke down the door and he saw Johnny, Awesome and Explorer inside. Oh, and a turtle carrying a mushroom.

"Hey Chill," Johnny said. Suddenly Oscar the Grouch popped out of Johnny's sink disposal.

"How many more Sesame Street references are we going to have in this story?" LMGT asked.

"Lots," said the fourth wall as he crashed onto LMGT. "This is what you get for breakin' meh!"

Boss: The Fourth WallEdit

battle music starts

Fourth Wall: You'll never defeat me!

Mario: Says who?

Fourth Wall: Says me! THE FOURTH WALL!

Choose attack!

Chill: What should I use... Wait! I got it!

Chill > Transform > Luigi

Chiluigi: Ya-hey! Luigi time!

"Luigi" > Jump > Springy Jump

Luigi: *bew chew* AHA!!!!!

Fourth Wall: Ooch! (18/20)

Mario: Let's-a go!

Mario > Stuff > Machine "Gum"

Fourth Wall: Owwowwowowowowoowowowowowowowowow (15/20)

Fourth Wall does a hard slam.

Luigi: Aww man! *poof*

Chill > Strategies > Change Partner

  • Mario <
  • LMGT
  • Mario
  • LMGT <

LMGT: Woot! Car dude's in action!


Kirby > Inhale

Fourth Wall: NOOOO- (0/20)

victory music

You win 10 star points!

Chill: Whaaa? This isn't Paper Mario!

Chapter ReturnEdit

"That was weird," said Explorer.

NEW PARTY MEMBERS: Kirby, Johnny, Awesome and Explorer

"Yay, woot," LMGT says in sarcasm.


"What was that?" asked Mario.

Suddenly O'Chunks sends himself crashing through Johnny's igloo.

"We don't need you!" protested Kirby.

"Chunks a-cry!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" screamed O'Chunks as his costume fell off to reveal a Pookie.

"BLAGIDAGAGAGAGAGAG! End transmission!" screamed the Pookie.

Suddenly Chill ran off with his friends and Kirby, ditching the pookie.

Chapter 2: EPF Saves the Day... Or not Edit

Chill, Mario, LMGT, Johnny, Awesome, Explorer and Kirby ran to the EPF Command Room which was crawling with computer bugs.

"I must find Buggy Wuggy Duggy Muggy Huggy!" proclaimed Rookie.

Then the friends (and Kirby) pulled up the System Defender and went into the Gadget Room.

"Gary, weird stuff has been happening," Chill said.

"Like fourth walls and kirbys and beta hats and sesame streets!" LMGT added.

"HERBERT!" Gary screamed. Then a million clones of Dot attacked all things random - starting with themselves which destroyed them. Suddenly Oscar the Grouch popped out of the Thingamabob 3001 and a purple cannon from System Defender began shooting Thingamajigs. Kirby inhaled a Thingamajig.

"Needs more salt!" Kirby said. Then the Thingamabob made two gloves come out that sprinkled salt on each Thingamajig. Kirby ate them all until he was very fat.

"O_O" said Explorer. Then he went into Phreaker Mode and Mabel ran across and threw jelly on Kirby. Once all that happened Kirby was normal again. Then a Fanon logo fell on Gary and Kirby inhaled the Fanon logo. Then it got mad and made a clone of itself. Kirby ate the clone and swallowed Gary's Nintendo DS. Then Buggy Wuggy Duggy Muggy Huggy came in.

"It's Buggy Wuggy Duggy Mug- NOOOO!" screamed Rookie as Kirby inhaled Rookie's pet computer bug (aka BWDMH) and then he was gone forever. "I-I-I-I never will have a com-m-m-m-m-mput-e-e-e-e-r bug like Bug-g-g-ggy Wuggy... *sob*" cried Rookie. Then <nowiki> tags started falling out of his beak.

"CHUNKS AWAY!" screamed the pookie, once again in an O'Chunks costume.

"We know it's you," Chill said.

"WAAAAAAA!" cried the Pookie.

Boss: O'Chunks???Edit

battle music

Chill: Look! A unicorn!

O'Chunks: Eh unicorn! CHUNKS AWAY!

victory music

0 stair points earned!

Chapter ReturnEdit

"How did... Nevermind," Mario said.

Then CP shook randomly.

Chapter 3: Bleh heh heh BLECK! Edit

The friends and Kirby walked outside and the sky was purple.

"OH EM GEE! IT'S THE VOID!" screamed Mario.

Then they saw the Migrator coming.

"If we hurry we can get RH's autograph and stamp right away!" LMGT said. So they rushed over and saw Sharkbate and Hat Pop walking through.

"Hey Shark. Hey Hat," Chill said.

"Hiya!" Hat Pop called back. Kirby started floating onto the Migrator. However just as it was about to arrive...


The Void wiped out the Migrator! It was also questionable if Rockhopper, Yarr and Kirby still existed.

"BLAGIDAGAGAGAGAGAGAGA! End transmission!" cried Yarr.

Then Big Bird started to fly and hit the Lighthouse, and Oscar the Grouch came out of the top.

random nowiki tags and facepalms and O_Os

Unfortunately, Shark was zapped by an evil, grumpy Brown Puffle named Uberfuzzy.

"SHARK!" cried Hat. However, Shark was already a slave of Wikia. His name was Wikibate.

"Nowiki" said Wikibate.


Wikibate was taken away in a capsule carried by Uberfuzzy.

The friends ran after him and eventually came to Uberfuzzy's Lair. Sannse the Hot Pink Penguin and Scarecroe the Penguin dressed as a scarecrow were there too.

Boss: Uberfuzzy and Co.Edit

Hat: Eeep!

Choose attack!

Chill: I know!

Chill > Party Hat Poke

Chill starts running at Uberfuzzy in his UFO-thingy and jumped - POK E!

Uberfuzzy: Ow. (29/30)

Alxy wave alxy wave

Hat > Flea

Hat activates an old PSA Spy Phone and Flea shows up and clones Hat and Chill.

Uberfuzzy > UFO Beam

Chill: ME PARTY HAT! (9/10)

WARNING: Chill loses 1 HP for every turn without a party hat!

Sannse > Wikia Talk

Sannse: Come back to Wikia and we will give you a Million Bucks.

Hat: No!

Wikia Talk was resisted! No damage was done!

Scarecroe > Scare Crows

ERROR: No crows to scare!

Wikibate > W Jump


Chill: Oof oof oof! (6/10)

Chill > Amulet Shine


Uberfuzzy: Meow! (20/30)

Sannse: Waaaa! (10/20)

Scarecroe: Mooo! (10/20)

Wikibate: Baaaa! (10/20)

Chill: Wait, me party hat! (5/10)


Chill's Clone > Party Hat Poke

Uberfuzzy: That hurts ya know! (19/30)

Hat > Trickster

Hat: Oh look, a cookie!

Uberfuzzy: Where?

Uberfuzzy, Sannse, Scarecroe and Wikibate look down, and Hat pounds each one's head.

Hat: Fooled ya!

Uberfuzzy: Oh man... (10/30)

Sannse: (0/20)

Scarecroe: Mweeeeeeeeeeeeeebweeee. (0/20)

Wikibate: Deee'oh! (0/20)

Sannse, Scarecroe and Wikibate faint. The friends get their star points.

Hat's Clone > Bunnies!

An army of bunnies attack Uberfuzzy.

Uberfuzzy: No! My UFO! (0/30)

The UFO sputters out, Uberfuzzy explodes and Wikibate turns back to normal.

Sharkbate: Woah, what happened?

Hat: Well, we were at the Beach and then blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

Everyone except Hat: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......

A few hours later...

Hat: So that's what happened. ARE YOU SLEEPING!?

Everyone suddenly wakes up. Hey, gimmie the victory music nao.

victory music

Chapter 4: Whomping the Wompus Edit


The friends walk out of Uberfuzzy's lair (which for some reason looks like a mix of Herbert's Hideout (from EPF2) and the Brown Puffle Cave) and see Ben.

"Hey Ben," Chill said.

"Hey Chill!" Ben replied.


The friends start running and they see a light blue penguin playing the banjo.

"Eeep! Stop! Run! Behind those bushes!!!" Chill squeals.

The friends jump into the Town snowbank. (Oh, if you like to picture it, it looks like they are inside a small, dark igloo)

"What's wrong?" Johnny asked.

"It's that guy... His name is Wompus and he hates me!!!" screamed Ben.

Mario puts on a tutu while nobody is looking but Explorer sees him doing it and spills some honey on his tutu.

"Awww man!" cried Mario.

Ben peeks out and Wompus spots him.

"YOU!!!" Wompus screamed.

"YOU!!!" Ben screamed back.

Ben clicks his flippers and DragonBeater, Barn Owls Rule and The Real Ben pop out of thin air. The 4 Ben's corner him and destroy him. Unfortunately Wompus pressed a remote that sends them into an RPG battle.

Boss: WompusEdit

Choose attack

Ben > Policy Violation

Wompus: Oh man, he violated the policy! Dat burnnnnnnnnnnnnssss! (50/100)

Ben: O_O His HP is high!

Drago > Policy Violation


Barn > Policy Violation


Real Ben > Policy Violation

Wompus: WAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! (20/100)


Ben and Socks: Uh oh.


Wompus: >=)

Barn > Limelight

A green light shines down and revives Ben and the Real Ben.

Wompus: BEEP


Shark channels some power and lightning strikes next to him, and makes Wompus bounce and fly into the sky.

Wompus: I'LL BE BACK!

victory music

Chapter ReturnEdit

"Yaaaay!" Ben said. "Hey look, it's Alxy >:P"

"Stop teasing me!" cried Hal.

Chapter 5: Major Boss is Comin Edit

"Oh man, a megaboss!" said Chill.

"How do you know?" asked Johnny.

"Because of the chapter name," Chill replied.


Awesome skates into some honey and falls onto Mario's tutu. Then the Town gets wiped out by the Void. Luckily, they were already on the Dock border. But then Dimentiobertklutzaprotobotbleck shows up!

MEGABOSS: DimentiobertklutzaprotobotbleckEdit

D: I can attack 2 times in one turn!

Mario: You're weird.

Suddenly Herbert shows up and kicks D away.

REAL MEGABOSS: Herbert P. Bear, EsquireEdit

Battle Music: Paper Mario - The Koopa Bros.

Chill: Epic battle themes FTW!

Chill > Switch Partner

  • Mario
  • LMGT <
  • Kirby (CANNOT BE USED)
  • Johnny
  • Awesome
  • Explorer
  • Hat Pop
  • Shark

LMGT: Woot woot!

Chill > RARITY!!11111!!!!1!1!!!111oneoneoneone

Herbert: Lolwut?

Chill: Wait for it...

Chill puts on his Beta Hat and a million penguins begin to crowd him, trampling over Herbert in the process.

Herbert: RAAWR!!! (190/200)

LMGT: Fire deh Nowikizzz!

LMGT > Carz

Suddenly every kind of car from the year cars were created to the present rolls over Herbert.

Herbert: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! (150/200)

Larry: Blagidagagagag! End transmission!

Chill: What are you doing here?

Larry: Isn't this one of Lemmy's Fun Fictions? *gets smashed by the fourth wall*

Fourth Wall: Hahaha!


Random Chinese Guy: Hoyhoyhoyhoyhoyhoyhoyhoyhoy!

Chill: Srsly, this isn't supposed to be random.

LMGT pulls out the script and points to the "Not So" in the title.

Chill: O. Dat explains everything.

Herbert > Stompy Thingy

Herbert tries to do a ground pound, but Chill steps out of the way and Herbert smashes through the ground.

Chill: Seriously, you should cut down on the donuts.


York: PWNed.

Cp kid: You can say that again.

victory music

Chapter ReturnEdit

NEW PARTY MEMBERS: York and Cp kid

Awesome: Hey Cp kid.

Weegee: Weegee stare.


Penguin by the igloos near the plaza: WHO BROKE THE GLASS IN MY IGLOO!?


Chapter 6: Weegee Stare and WATuDOIN Edit

PBTINTP walks over and engages in battle with the friends. Weegee shortly follows suit.

Boss: Weegee and Penguin by the igloos near the plazaEdit

Chill: We just entered this chapter.

And the Fourth Wall.

Boss: Weegee and Penguin by the igloos near the plaza and Fourth Wall

Lakitu: Petey?

Petey Piranha facepalms.

Chill: GET OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!!!

The force from Chill's scream blows Lakitu and Petey into the ocean.

LMGT: Caaaaaarss...

Chill > Transform > Luigi

Chiluigi: Weegee stare.

"Luigi" > Weegee Stare

Weegee: Oh no. (8,000/OVER 9,000)

Angry Penguin/PBTINTP: Wuttt (4/5)

Fourth Wall: The car dude won't beat me this time. (Socks/Underpants)

LMGT: Lolwut?

Fourth Wall: Grrrr... (30/40)

Ninja: WATuDOIN?

CK (Cp kid): It's WATuDOIN, my arch-enemy that I never even met but somehow he's my enemy!

Ninja/WATuDOIN: Can I come in yet?

Director: No, you're not coming into the story yet.

The sheer randomness makes everyone lose power.


Weegee: Waaaah! (5,000/OVER 9,000)

Angry Penguin: Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooottttt? (1/5)

Fourth Wall: Seriously, this story is getting creepier by the minute. (20/40)


Fourth Wall: Oh no. Now I have to fall on myself. (0/40)

However, Fourth Wall also squashes Angry Penguin and Weegee.


Weegee > Last Resort "Cheesy" Stare

Chil-eegee Statue: Ahhhhhhh! Grub grub grub!

Chill turns to normal.


Weegee: What, it's cheesy! (60/OVA 9000 - POWA DRAIN)

Weegee > Last Resort "sorta better then cheesy" Stare

Chil-eegee Statue: Hah! I'm about to turn back and then Imma stick me tongue at you!

Nothing happens.

Chil-eegee Statue: Plz?

Weegee: Ha! You will never turn back!(30/OV NIN-TOSAND - ITZ DRAININ)

LMGT: Yeah right.

Weegee > Last Resort "sorta better then cheesy" Stare

LMG-eegee Statue: Uh oh.

Weegee: You are cursed to live like this forever. Now goodbye. (11/OVE 9000 - DRAIN!!!111!!!!oneoneone)

Weegee explodes, but the force sends the Weegee Statues careening backwards.

victory music

Chapter ReturnEdit

Chill opens a door in the Weegee Statue and so does LMGT. They both crawl out.

"What a horrible attack." said LMGT.

Meanwhile, CK is still worried about WATuDOIN returning. Everyone begins to walk over to the Beach. There is a white ship made out of black lines there, with MIgratOR scribbely written on it. A hole opens up in the ground and a UFO with a brown thingy in it drops a coin in the hole.

"SHINY!" screamed Mario as he jumped in.


oh look spam

Suddenly Sanity Penguin comes by and randomly throws spam onto the Lighthouse.

"D= a spam lamb" said Chill.

The friends board the drawn Migrator, and they see the Rockhopper's Rare Items catalog. However they can't buy anything because Rockhopper is still gone.

"Coolio! Rockhopper is giving out a blonde pirate wig this time and it's free too!" Johnny said.


Everyone pushed and shoved to get the first-ever non-member wig.

"Woah, dudes, you realize there is TONS of hair in the Treasure Book???" Chill said.

Suddenly everyone is no longer excited, but Johnny puts it on anyway.

"Hey, we have to save Mario!" Explorer said.

"Hey, I haven't been in this story yet >:(" complained GGD.

"You're right! Uh, author?" Chill said.

Meanwhile, at the author's computer.

"Mmmmm, these pretzels are great." the author says.

"AUTHOR!" Chill screams again.

"Oh, sorry, whadya want?" asked the author.

"We need GGD in the story." Chill replied.


"Much bettar!" GGD said.

"Oh, BTW, you just broke meh, so, ehh..." the Fourth Wall said.

The Fourth Wall makes a target around LMGT, but he steps away at the last minute, and Oscar the Grouch pops out of the hole, being squashed to his doom.

"SCRAM!" Oscar screams.

"That's great, 3/4 Sesame Street characters have been eliminated from this story!" Shark said.

"O_O how do you know what happened in the first chapter?" Chill asked.

"Uhh, magic?" Shark replied.

Everyone shrugged. Anyways, they got off the Migrator and jumped down into the hole.

Chapter 7: Let's-a Go Rescue Mario! Yippe! Edit

The friends jump into the hole and look around. Unfortunately, the coin was bouncing around the cave so Mario went deeper to find it.

"Where could he be?" said Chill as they walked through the cave. Meanwhile he decides to check his partner stats.

  • Mario
  • LMGT
  • Kirby
  • Johnny
  • Awesome
  • Explorer
  • Hat Pop
  • Shark
  • Ben
  • York
  • Cp kid
  • GGD

"Don't ask me, I have no idea :P" Johnny replied.

They went deeper into the hole and Explorer turned on his ipod. It was playing "Lineland Road" from Super Paper Mario.

"Sup...super...Super Paper....Super Paper Mario..." said a mysterious voice.

CK did a facepalm, knowing that this was probably WATuDOIN. Almost on que, WATuDOIN walked out, with O'Chunks following him.

"We know it's you, pookie." LMGT said.

"Eh, Em not pookeh, em O'Chunks!" O'Chunks replied. "And by erder of Count Bleck, I 'ave to get chunky on yeh!

Boss: WATuDOIN and O'ChunksEdit

Battle Music: General Guy Battle

Chill: Unfitting music for a hairy guy that loses and a ninja.


Choose attack

Chill > Party Hat Poke

O'Chunks: Nooo! Meh beard! (99/100)

LMGT > Nowiki Launch

WATuDOIN: OW! That gots me eye D. (60/70)

O'Chunks > Toss 'Em

Chill: Ooof! (8/10)

WATuDOIN > Ninja Skillzzzzzzzzz aka Annoy


Chill: Nothin. WATuDOIN? Ow! (7/10)

Chill made a random statement! He lost HP!

LMGT: That's just dumb.

Alxy wave Alxy wave

Ben: ^_^

Shark: Can we move this battle along?

Chill > Change Partner

  • Mario
  • LMGT
  • Kirby
  • Johnny <
  • Awesome
  • Explorer
  • Hat Pop
  • Shark
  • Ben
  • York
  • Cp kid
  • GGD

Johnny: Yeah!

Chill > Party Hat Poke

O'Chunks tossed Chill away!

Chill: Oooooof! (6/10)

Johnny > Card-Jeeeeetsu... FIAR! RUNZ!!!

Suddenly the arena is transformed into a Card-Jitsu Fire battle, and the Card-Jitsu Water music plays.

  • Chill - 6 HP
  • Johnny - 6 HP
  • O'Chunks - 6 HP
  • WATuDOIN - 6 HP

It's Chill57181's turn

Chill jumps onto a fire spot.

  • Chill - Fire Card, 6
  • Johnny - Fire Card, 2
  • O'Chunks - Water Card, 12
  • WATuDOIN - Fire Card, 7

Chill: Oh noes!

  • Chill - 5 HP
  • Johnny - 5 HP
  • O'Chunks - 5 HP
  • WATuDOIN - 6 HP

O'Chunks: I was supposed to beat you all >:(

Johnny makes the arena explode and it turns back to normal.

O'Chunks: Ooooofy! (80/100)

WATuDOIN: Blagidagagagagagg! End transmission! (0/70)

Chill: I think I found a running gag.


Chill: Lolwut

O'Chunks shocks Chill!


Chill faints.

Chill: X_X

Johnny > SWITCH

Johnny becomes the main player! The partner is now Awesome.

Johnny > FIAR


Awesome > Super Fist of the Awesomeness: Automatic Destruction


victory music

Chapter ReturnEdit

"Was that really necessary?" Chill asked.

"Yes :-D" Johnny replied.

Chapter 8: Let's A Go Rescue Mario: The REAL Deal Edit

The friends run through the cave and see Mario chasing the coin. There are also strange "W" paintings on the walls.

"That looks similar to the W that was on Sharkbate's cap when he was Wikibate!" Hat pointed out.

Eventually they caught up to Mario and the coin stopped. However, it turned into...

"SANNSE?????????" everyone screamed.

Then Scarecroe bounded through the other end of the cave, and Uberfuzzy flew in.

"I've had enough of you guys!" Shark said.

"SHARK! NO!" Hat screamed.

But it was too late. The outburst turned him into Wikibate. Then Fonzie showed up.

"O_O" said Explorer.

"I'm still mad at you for ditching me in Chapter 1 >:( So I'm going to destroy you :D" Fonzie said.

Boss: Uberfuzzy and Co. as well as FonzieEdit

Chill: Rematches are dumb >:P

Uberfuzzy: We all have upgraded HP now! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA- cough cough cough cough cooooof

Sannse: ...

Choose attack


Chill grows a pair of buck teeth like Orangey's, and starts gnawing on Uberfuzzy's UFO. It breaks and he drops to the ground.

Uberfuzzy: Ow. (45/50)

Johnny > Step On It!

Johnny steps on Uberfuzzy.

Uberfuzzy: :| (44/50)

Uberfuzzy > Jump

Uberfuzzy jumps on Chill and steals his party hat!

Chill: >:( (9/10)


Sannse > Wikia Talk

Sannse: Come back to Wikia and we will give you a Million Bucks.

Johnny: Can't. We're not admins.

Wikia Talk didn't work!!!!!!!!111!1!11!!oneoneoneone!111!11

Scarecroe > Scare Birds

Scarecroe stands still for a few seconds. Then he moves really fast.

Chill: O_O You call that an attack?

Chill and Johnny burst out laughing.

Wikibate > W Jump


Chill: Owie! (6/10)

Johnny: I demand you guys to stop!

Fonzie > Coooooool

Fonzie puts on some sunglasses.

Chill: Lolwut? OW! (5/10)

Chill realizes that he still doesn't have his party hat.

Chill > Switch Partner > Explorer

Explorer: Yay!

Chill > I ROBZ YOU!

Suddenly, a messenger bag, ninja mask and cape appear on Chill. Gamgee appears dressed exactly the same. They attack Uberfuzzy.

Items stolen: Party Hat

Chill: Yay, no more of that! (5/10)


Chill: O rite.

Explorer > Winston

Explorer: Ohhh Winstooooooooon!

Winston appears (read teh fanon to find out about him) and hugs Uberfuzzy. Then he pops.

Uberfuzzy: BLAGAIGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGG! End transmission! (0/50)


Awesome: I'LL SAVE YOU!


All enemies: AHHHHHH! (0/Whateva they had!!!!)

Wikibate turns back to Sharkbate.

Sharkbate: I GOTS ME A BELL!

Chapter ReturnEdit

Everyone decides to visit Gary again. Suddenly the Peach song from PM64 plays.

"That's weird." Chill said.

The friends got in the elevator (it's a tight fit D:) and Rookie is having a meltdown.


They go into the Gadget Room and see what's going on with G.

"OH EM GEE IT'S HARBART!" screamed Gary.

"O_O nvm" said Mario as they walked out.

"Hey I haven't said much in this adventure :( Can I be like Morton where he talks a lot?" GGD said.

"Well..." Chill said.

"Great :D That's awesome, stupendous, superb, cool, nice, and good. I am going to make a speech about cake because I like cake and it's good because it's delicious because I think it tastes good and- *SOCK!*"


"He said "Blagidagagagagag! End Transmission!", because I shoved a sock in his mouth." Roy Koopa said.

"WRONG UNIVARSE!" Chill said.

Roy Koopa teleports away and GGD returns to normal.

Chapter 9: Return of Kirby Edit

The friends went to the beach and saw a heart laying in the sand.

"ET" said Mario.

Everyone started staring at him.

"What?" Mario asked.

They picked up the heart and everything flashed. Suddenly the Migrator was back and so was Kirby, Rockhopper and Yarr. Everyone got a popup that said "STAMP EARNED ROCKHOPPER". Everyone collected his autograph.

"Woot!" Johnny said.

Suddenly there was a huge rumble.

"What was that?" asked CK.


"I hope it's not the Void again!" said Awesome.

Suddenly Kirby didn't feel well. He spit out Rookie's pet computer bug and it landed in Rookie's flippers in the Command Room.

":D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D" said Rookie.


"ARGH GIMMIE FOOD NOWWWWWWWWWWW!" screamed LMGT. He was actually a big glutton.

Chill facepalmed. "Argh, your always hungry."

Suddenly there was a storm. But this wasn't just any storm. It was raining...DONUTS!

"YAY DONUTS!" LMGT screamed. He jumped at a HUGE chocolate donut and ate it in like 0.7 gatrillion seconds.

double facepalm

Then Sanity started throwing spam lamb. LMGT didn't like spam at all so he kicked it away and replaced them all with donuts.

"NOM NOM NOM!" LMGT said, eating 3562 donuts at once.

Then it started raining fried chicken. Then cake. Then Puffle O's. LMGT ate them all. Then the storm cleared up.

"I'm full.........." LMGT said. Everyone gave him a funny look when suddenly...


Oh no! It was Wario!


The friends threw him into the sea.

"I feel...a megaboss coming..." said Chill.

Chapter 10: Herbert's Revenge! Well, sorta Edit

WATuDOIN walked over.

"Hey dudes! Guess wat! Harbutt is going to get revenge on you with his pet crab thingy!" WATuDOIN said.

"I wish you would just call me Herbert..." Herbert replied.

MEGABOSS: KlutzyEdit

Battle Music: Tutankoopa Battle

Klutzy: You can't jump me mwahahaha.

Chill > Party Hat Poke

Klutzy: Nope.

Explorer > Winston

Explorer: Winstoooooooooooooooooooooon!

Winston comes and hugs Klutzy, but Klutzy pinches him and Winston explodes.

Klutzy: Clicky owww! (199/200)

Klutzy > Mega Pinch

Chill: BOOM! (1/10)


Explorer: I gots an idea.

Explorer > HP RAISE


Chill's HP has been raised to 20! All of the partners' HP has been raised to 20!

Klutzy: CHEATER!

Chill > STEP ON IT!

Chill steps on Klutzy but, because of his checkered shoes, is unaffected by the pinch.

Klutzy: Impossible! (198/200)

WATuDOIN: Harbutt, your crabs losin'.


Herbert beats up WATuDOIN.

Explorer > Hehehe BOMB

Klutzy: NOO! (150/200)

Klutzy > Video Games

Klutzy: D: (0/200)

Chill: Haha, Klutzy defeated himself.

victory music

Chapter 11: Sailin' To See The Sea Edit

"Meh. I'm bored." said LMGT.

"Same here..." said Johnny who was throwing a bouncy ball up at the Lighthouse again and again.


"O_O" Kirby said.

Suddenly the Town was back.

"Horray!" said Chill in a weird voice.

"I got an idea, let's sail the Migrator!" Mario said.

Everyone agreed and jumped onto the Migrator. Meanwhile at the Pizza Parlor...

"ROCKHOPPER ROCKHOPPER ROCKHOPPER!" screamed a group of penguins. "ADD US PLEASE!!!!!!!!"

"Aye, I can't add mateys!" Rockhopper said. "But I can give ye autographs!"

Rockhopper handed everyone an autograph. Suddenly Tazboi pushed through the crowd and gave Rockhopper a bell.

"YOU GOTS YOU A BELL!" he screamed.

Everyone stared and Tazboi ran off.

"Arrr, I have an idea! Let's all race to the Migrator!" Rockhopper said.

Everyone started to race. Rockhopper was in the lead the whole time until...

"ME SHIP! IT'S GONE!" cried Rockhopper.

"OMG!" everybody said.

Meanwhile, out at sea...

"Sailing ova the ocean blue do do do..." sang York.

"York, you should NOT be singing." GGD replied.

"Ocean-y music, please." Chill said.

"Sailing ova the ocean blu- *SOCK!*" sang York.

GGD put a record in a CD player and it was playing Ocean Voyage.

"O_O those two items aren't even compatible!" LMGT said.

"Don't question weird physics and stuff!!!!" GGD replied.

"Meh, now I'm hungry again." LMGT said.


Meanwhile back at the Beach...

"ARRRRGH! I'll get ye ship-robbers!" screamed Rockhopper as he threw a piece of fried chicken where the Migrator was.

And, since Rockhopper was staying there the whole time, anybody who randomly wandered to the Beach got a stamp and background.

Meanwhile, at the Migrator AGAIN...

Fried chicken falls onto the Migrator.

":O MUST EAT!" screamed LMGT.

Then he gobbled down the whole thing at once.


"Stop being such a glutton!" Chill said.


"OH NOES! IT'S THE KRAKEN!" screamed Kirby.

Boss: The KrakenEdit

Kraken: Mweeeeheeehohohhaahahahaa!

Choose attack

Chill > Partner > York

York: RAWR!

Chill > Party Hat Poke

Chill attempts a Party Hat Poke on the Kraken, but it grabs him and pulls him under the water.

Chill: BLUB BLUB BLUB! (1/20)


York: NO!

York randomly stomps the Kraken with such force that Chill flings back onto the ship.

Chill: Owwwww... (0/20)

Chill does a sortafaint. (He was already laying down)

York > FLYYY!!1!1!!oneone

Jasper grabs York and starts flying.

York: OK, this is too boring. From this point on, no more RPG battles.


Non-RPG Boss: The KrakenEdit

York: Better!

York jumps on Kraken and it tries to swipe her away - but it fails!


Kraken: NooooooOOOooOOZokOOOOOOoooesssssssssssss!!!!!

Chill gets up.

Chill: That was weird.

Chapter ReturnEdit

"Hey, why does the talk style change between battles and-" said GGD.


"As I was saying, why does the talk style change between battles and the actu-" GGD tries to say again.

LMGT tapes GGD's mouth closed with duct tape.

GGD inhales the tape and talks again.

"I SAID WHY DOES THE TALK-" GGD tries to say for the 3rd time.

LMGT glues GGD's mouth closed with gorilla glue then puts duct tape on it for good measure.

":)" said LMGT.

GGD ripped the tape off and spit the glue out.


"You don't wanna anger the... Fourth Wall otherwise he will attack us!" LMGT said.

"Couldn't you of just told me that? :\" GGD said.

"Yes, but it's more fun this way :P" LMGT replied.

Suddenly a hooded ninja holding a balloon floats into sight.



Mario gets a "gum" and shoots at WATuDOIN - sending him falling into the sea.


"Y'know, I demand a title change! EPF isn't doing anything about this randomness! We are!" LMGT said.

"DUDE! You just broke the fourth wall!" GGD said.

"Aww man." LMGT replied.

However the Fourth Wall is nowhere in sight. Suddenly they see it in the distance, at the Beach.

"Wut?" Mario said.

"I CAN'T SWIM! :(" yelled the Fourth Wall.

Chill and his friends start laughing.

":'(" cried the Fourth Wall. Suddenly...

"OMG IT'S BIG BIRD!" York said.

"He's the only one left we need to destroy in this story!" Shark said.

Suddenly all the other Sesame Street characters (sans Elmo, Cookie Monster and Oscar) pop up.

Everyone glares at Shark, except Hat.

"What was that about only one more we need to destroy?" Johnny said. However Kirby inhales them all except Big Bird.

"Now we do!" Shark said.

Chapter 12: Sesame Seeds on Sesame Street! Edit

"That title doesn't even make sense." Mario said.

"You'll see!" said the author.

Suddenly hamburger buns with sesame seeds fall down. There is a note on one of them.

Save these for the battle with Big Bird! P.S. Don't eat them, LMGT!

"NOOOOO!" cried LMGT. However he pulls out an ice cream cone and starts eating it. Big Bird crashes onto the Migrator.

Boss: Big BirdEdit

Big Bird: I'm mad at you for destroying all my friends >:( Now you'll be mad at me for destroying all your friends!

CK: Yeah right.

CK runs behind Big Bird and grabs his ankle. Meanwhile, up in a UFO for no good reason.

Alien #1: Well, you can see in that toothpaste commercial I was grabbing the cowboy's ankle.

Alien #3: And why was that again?

Alien #1: Because space is so much cooler then western!

Alien #2 (with a cowboy hat): EQUAL! >:(

Meanwhile, back on the Migrator for a good reason, CK is twirling Big Bird by his foot.


CK (in italian accent): It's like-a Bowser!

CK tosses Big Bird into the ocean and he explodes.

Chapter ReturnEdit

"What about our star points?" said Explorer.

"We removed those in the last battle." said Awesome.

"Oh." replied Explorer.

"Hi! I'm Mega-Chipmunk!" screamed Kirby.

"I thought you were Kirby." Explorer said.

"I am! :D" Kirby replied.

"Oh noes! We forgot to use the sesame buns!" Johnny said.

"GREAT!" yelled LMGT as he ate them all.

Chapter 13: To Rockhopper Island! Edit

Eventually the Migrator sails to Rockhopper Island. The friends explore the myths and secrets of the land and find many of them were true. However.

"You there! Halt! Identification please!" some strange cloud monster thingy said.

Everyone gave identification and when none of them were Rockhopper.

"My name is Huff N Puff. I guard Rockhopper Island. Now I have to crush you!" Huff N Puff said.

Boss: Huff N PuffEdit

Chill: No way! Huff N Puff Battle music for Huff N Puff! Not sarcasm!

Huff: :\


Huff: Cream Puffs weren't even in Paper Mario.......

Fourth Wall: RAWR!

Huff: OWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

Fourth Wall: NOBODY BREAKS THE FOURTH WALL! NOBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Huff: Aww man.

More ruff puffs, tuff puffs and cream puffs appear.

Huff: <nowikitag>facepalm</nowikitag>

Johnny: Lolololololol!

Huff: Can somebody please stop the cream puffs?

Author: Sure thing.


Author Settings > Battles > Cream Puffs > Off

Author: Better?

Huff: We'll see. Somebody jump on me!

They all jump at him and half of him explodes.

Huff: Woah!

Ruff Puffs and Tuff Puffs fly out.

Author: No cream puffs :(

LMGT: You look delicious.

Huff: No I don't!

LMGT: Are you chocolate Ice Cream?

Huff: NO!

LMGT: You look it.

Huff: I DO NOT!


Huff: DO NOT!


LMGT jumps at him and eats part of him.

Huff: Owowowowowowowowowow!

LMGT: >:O YOU LIED! YOU TASTE LIKE CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Huff: I hate gluttons.

LMGT: YOU'LL PAY FOR DAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!111!1!!!1!1!!!!!11!!!oneoneonoenoenetwotwo25235197461974359billion11!

LMGT stuffs Huff into a paper sack. However, he blows it up.

Huff: :P


LMGT eats him again.



A bunch of Ruff Puffs and Tuff Puffs appear and start to attack LMGT.


The author goes to his settings and turns Cream Puffs back on.

A wild cream puff appeared!


Author: Hey, be nice, I have the power to write you outta this story!

Huff: Aww man.

LMGT eats the Puff Squad whole.


Huff: <nowikitag>facepalm</nowikitag>

Chill: Is that gonna be a running gag or something? There's always <nowikitag> before and after facepalm?

Explorer: I think that's already been implemented.

Kirby: Must taste chocolate guy!

Huff: What?

Kirby inhales Huff.


Chapter ReturnEdit

"Yaaaaaaay!" said LMGT.

"Clickety click!" said an unknown voice.

"I'M SCARED!" screamed Mario. Suddenly he jumped into Chill's flippers. Don't ask how.

":|" said Chill.

Suddenly a Red Puffle walked by.

"Yo!" said the Red Puffle.

"O_O A red puffle that speaks penguin! No wai!" said Johnny.

"I'll name you Engluffle!" Mario said.

"No, my name is... HyperSugar!" HyperSugar said.

"I like that name :)" LMGT said.

"Thanks!" replied HyperSugar.

"Engluffle is better :(" Mario said.

Chapter 14: Crab Crack- I mean Tracks! Edit

"Hey, can HyperSugar come with us?" LMGT asked.

"I don't see why not!" Hat said.


"Let's get goin!" HyperSugar said.

"Say, Mario, where did you get Engluffle anyway?" Awesome said.

"Oh, it's a portmanteau of English and Puffle." Mario replied.

Suddenly there were some tracks. Then a flying aqua grabber (with a crab inside) flew into sight!

"Klutzy?" Mario said.

"No! I am Puffle Launch Crab!" replied the crab.

"I suppose we have to battle you?" Kirby added.

"Yes!" the crab said.

Boss: Puffle Launch CrabEdit

Mario: I gots me an idea!

Mario gets out a "gum" and stuffs Kirby inside.





PLC: Ow!

Mario stuffs all the party members - including Chill - into the cannon and shooting them until they are all unconscious and PLC is defeated. All the party members get up.

Chill: That was a lame battle.

Johnny: IKR?

Chapter ReturnEdit

"You coulda used me. I'm a puffle. :|" HyperSugar said.

"Oh right. Wanna go back in time and do it again?"

"No, thank you!" Awesome replied.

"Can we just hurry up? I wanna battle a megaboss." GGD said.

"Sure thing." said the author.

Chapter 15: Watch Out For Robots! Edit

"Seriously? We're gonna have System Defender computer bugs for the megabos-" Chill said. However he was WRONG!

"Target calculated!" said the Wheel-Bot.

"ALL ROBOTS MOVE IN!" said the Jet-Bot.

"I stand corrected." Chill said.

Megaboss: The Test BotsEdit

Battle Music: Tubba Blubba Battle! Yay!

Chill: Was the "Yay" really necessary?

Author: Yes. I love that song.

Chill: If you say so. :|

Mario: You know, this music would fit a spooky battle better.

The Test Bots disappear. King Boo appears!

REAL Megaboss: King BooEdit

King Boo: >:( WHAT DID YA DO THAT FOR!?!??!?!?!!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

The party glares at Mario.

Mario: I was just saying.

King Boo turns everyone into boos!

Boo Chill: Now you've done it.

Boo Mario: Hehe?


Boo Kirby: ...

Boo Johnny: Why is the author doing this?

Author: So I can show the whole party as a boo! Now cooperate! >:(

Boo Awesome: Fine.

Boo Explorer: ...

Boo Hat Pop: At least I still have my bunny ears!

Boo Shark: ...

Boo Ben: ...

Boo York: RAWR!!!!

Boo Jasper: ?

Boo Penquino: Why did my name change...?

Author: Because. Boo Penquino sounds better then Boo CK.

Boo Penquino: :|

Boo GGD: ...

Boo HyperSugar: Hey, wait a minute. The AUTHOR should be a boo too!

Boo Author: NOOO! >:(

King Boo: Can we just battle already?

Boo LMGT: I'M HUNGRY!!!!!!!

Boo LMGT eats King Boo and everything turns back to normal.

Test Bots: What about us????

Second Megaboss: The Test BotsEdit

Battle Music: General Guy Battle

Chill: It's supposed to be italics.

Author: Whatever.

HyperSugar jumps on all three tests bots and they explode to they're doom.

Explorer: That was weird.

Chapter 16: Back to Club Penguin Edit

"That was weird. Let's go home." LMGT said.

"Yeah." replied Mario.

"We'll be back! >:(" said the Wheel-Bot's Head.

"That thing's freaky. Let's get out of here." Johnny said.

Everyone jumped on the Migrator. They sailed back to Club Penguin and saw some interesting things.

"Look!" Awesome pointed.

WATuDOIN was paddling with his flippers back to Club Penguin Island.

"And there!" said York, pointing at a yellow feather.

Luckily, when they reached the Beach, Rockhopper wasn't there. They anchored it and ran off, just in time for Rockhopper to return.

"Hey, why is it playing Lineland Road? We're in a snow place..." Explorer said.

"Whoops!" said the author.

"He gets more dumb every chapter." Chill pointed out.

"Wut?" asked the author.

"Jeez, your lucky he didn't hear you!" Mario whispered to Chill.

Suddenly the song that plays when you are in Starborn Valley starts.

"That's better! :)" Explorer said.

"Thx." the author replied.

"Your right..." Explorer whispered to Chill.

"Oh noes!" Kirby said.

Suddenly a white version of Huff N Puff appeared.

"I am Chill N Freeze, and I'm going to get revenge on you for destroying my brother!" Chill N Freeze replied.

Boss: Chill N FreezeEdit

Chill: We get Huff's music again! :D

Huff: This time you'll be crushed! Wait a minute, why do I have my brothers name?

Author: Because Huff is better the- I mean we don't want to get a boss mixed up with that party-hat dude.

Chill: My name's Chill. Not Party-Hat Dude. :|

Author: Whatev. To make you happy I'll call ya Huff2.

Huff2: Good enough...


Huff2: Great. Gluttons.

LMGT: You look delicious! Are you vanilla ice cream?

Huff2: No!

LMGT: You look it.

Huff2: I DO NOT!


Huff2: DO NOT!


LMGT takes a bite out of Chill N Freeze and...

LMGT: You lied! You taste like vanilla ice cream!

Huff2: I hate gluttons.

LMGT: YOU'LL PAY FOR DAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!111!1!!!1!1!!!!!11!!!oneoneonoenoenetwotwo25235197461974359billion11!

Chill: This seems like a cheap rip-off of the Huff N Puff battle. :|

LMGT stuffs Chill N Freeze into a paper sack. However, he blows it up.

Huff2: :P


LMGT eats him again.



A bunch of Ruff Puffs and Tuff Puffs appear and start to attack LMGT.

Author: There's one thing missing.

Chill: Oh no.


The author goes to his settings and turns Cream Puffs on.

A wild cream puff appeared!

Huff2: Uhhhh...

LMGT eats the Puff Squad whole.


Huff2: <nowikitag>facepalm</nowikitag>

Chill: Now I KNOW for sure it's a running gag.

Explorer: Yup. And now we KNOW for sure that this is a cheap rip-off of the Huff N Puff battle cuz of me talking right after you mention the facepalm.

Kirby: Must taste vanilla guy!

Huff2: What?

Kirby inhales Chill N Freeze.

Chill-N-Freeze: Not so fast! Oh, the author finally got my name right.

Chill N Freeze freezes Kirby.

Iced Kirby: .........

Chill-N-Freeze: Hahahaha!


Chill: ATTACK!

Everyone jumps at Chill N Freeze and - OH NOES! RUFF PUFFS! AND TUFF PUFFS! AND CREAM PUFFS!

Chill-N-Freeze: Cream Puffs weren't even in Paper Mario.......

Fourth Wall: RAWR!

ChillFreeze: OWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

Fourth Wall: NOBODY BREAKS THE FOURTH WALL! NOBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ChillFreeze: Aww man.

More ruff puffs, tuff puffs and cream puffs appear.

ChillFreeze: <nowikitag>facepalm</nowikitag>

Johnny: Lolololololol!

ChillFreeze: Can somebody please stop the cream puffs?

Author: Ugh. Fine.


Author Settings > Battles > Cream Puffs > Off

Author: Better?

ChillFreeze: We'll see. Somebody jump on me!

They all jump at him and half of him explodes.

ChillFreeze: Woah!

Ruff Puffs and Tuff Puffs fly out.

Author: No cream puffs :(

LMGT: I'm hungry again. And you look delicious.

ChillFreeze: No I don't!

LMGT: Yes you do!

LMGT eats Chill N Freeze whole.


Chapter ReturnEdit

"That was weird." said GGD.

"Aww, I wanted a taste!" complained HyperSugar.

Chapter 17: Into the Future! Deh deh deh! Edit

"I wanna see what happens at the end of the story." said Mario.

Mario presses a random button and the friends get teleported to the end of the story. They are in Castle Bleck fighting Dimentio! His battle music is playing too.

Boss: DimentioEdit

Dimentio: I will win!

Mario spins into him sending him flying into Johnny, who smacks him into Chill, who throws him at LMGT, who smashes Dimentio into the ground.

LMGT: Super Fist of the Glutton; Donut Attack!

Dimentio: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

LMGT eats a donut.

Dimentio: ...

Chill and Mario look at each other - suddenly they transform into Super Mario and Super Luigi.

Chiluigi: Let's-a go!

Dimentio: Perfect!

Dimentio snaps his fingers and Chiluigi blows up. He comes down from the ceiling as...Super Dimentio!

The Ultimate Show begins.

Dimentio: Ahahahahahaha!

Super Dimentio: Let's-a go!!!

Super Dimentio smashes all the party members with his mega-glove but they block.

Mario counters with a hammer smash.

LMGT uses a donut-shield.


Everyone: What? >:(

Author: You're gonna ruin the end! Now I have to re-work the ending! *cry*

Everyone uses the Time Machine - except Dimentio who spits Chill into the time machine - and goes back to the normal time.

Chapter 18: Now Where Were We? Edit

Everyone pops back up at Club Penguin Island. Some weird circus music (CoughFuzzysStoleMyShellFromPaperMarioCough) is playing. There are koopas without shells running around.

"Help! Fuzzys stole our shells!" cried a Koopa.

Suddenly Shy Guys pop up and make a chain.

Fuzzy steals shell from Koopa > Fuzzy gives shell to Shy Guy > Shy Guy throws it into a bottomless pit > Fuzzy steals another blah blah blah start all over

"The beginning of the story was better. :|" said LMGT.

"Yeah, so were the boss- Uh oh." Chill said. Suddenly all the koopas, fuzzys and shy guys exploded and Uberfuzzy showed up!!

Sannse and Scarecroe jumped out of Uberfuzzy's UFO, and a W appeared on Sharkbate's hat.

"Nowiki" Wikibate said.

"A 3rd time? :|" Hat Pop said.

Explorer throws a BOMB-O-RANDOMNESS and they explode. Sharkbate turns back to normal.

"I want a pretzel." LMGT said.

"You always want food!" Penquino said. "Wait, why did my name change all of a sudden?"

"Because I like Penquino better then CK." the author replied.

"Sigh..." Penquino replied.

LMGT puts headphones on his head. "Pretzel," he says into the headphones.

"Searching for pretzels!" the unknown voice on the other side says.

"Ummmm...." Penquino said.

"CK is easier to type out. So I'm changing it back to CK." the author said.

"Fine." CK replied.

"GIMMIE MY PRETZELS!!!!!!" LMGT screamed as he threw the headphones on the ground and smashed them to bits.

"Now I know why you've bought 100 of those headphones." Chill said.

"I'm bored." Johnny said.

"Wanna break the Fourth Wall?" Awesome suggested.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" everyone else screamed.


"Ow." Awesome said.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" laughed the Fourth Wall.


"Hoyhoyhoyhoyhoyhoyhoy!" laughed the Random Chinese Guy.

"OMG HE'S BACK!" screamed Shark.

"Hey look, a bag of pretzels!" LMGT said. "If you want one raise your flipper."

Everyone raises they're flippers.

"Nobody wants them? OK!" LMGT said, oblivious to the fact that everyone raised they're flipper, and eats the whole thing, bag and all.


"I'm baaaack :D" said Sanity. "And... I GOTS YOU SOME SPAM!"

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" screamed LMGT.

"Can I be the boss for this chapter?" Sanity asked.

"Sure!" said the author.

"Oh great." said everyone except Sanity and the Author.

Boss: Sanity PenguinEdit

CK: Thanks a whole lot Author.

Author: NP.

LMGT: He doesn't know sarcasm... HEY LOOK! A COOKIE!

CK: <nowikitag>facepalm</nowikitag>

Kirby: Is it me, or was there no boss in Chapter 9...

King Dedede pops up.

King Dedede: The chapter had Kirby's name in it. I'm the Chapter 9 boss by the way.

Sanity Penguin force-feeds LMGT a spam lamb.

LMGT: !@6%(&#@%(*&@($#*@&%(&*@!(%*&!@($*&!@)(%*&@()*%&)@(&%!%*@(%&*)(@&%#(@#*&%)@#(*&%()@*#&%)(*@#%&&(@*%&(#*% !@6%(&#@%(*&@($#*@&%(&*@!(%*&!@($*&!@)(%*&@()*%&)@(&%!%*@(%&*)(@&%#(@#*&%)@#(*&%()@*#&%)(*@#%&&(@*%&(#*%]@

(BTW, LMGT isn't swearing, he's just choking on the spam lamb)

King Dedede pounds Chill with a mallet.

LMGT: %(@*&%(#*&%*(@#&%(#@*&(#@&%(&#%(@&#%(&@#^% #@*&(#@&%(&#%(@&#%(&@#^%*

York: RAWR!


Sanity Penguin gets scared by York and runs off.

York: :)

LMGT: $%*@&#%@#%&%@#&% $%*@&#%@#%&%@#&%#@

Kirby inhales King Dedede.

Chapter ReturnEdit

"Hmmm. That was weird." CK said.

"Who, by the way is Cp kid ;)" the author pointed out.

"Yeah, I think we know that..." Shark said.

"@%*(&@#(%*&@#(%*&@(#*765(@#*67 &@#(%*&@#(%*&@(#*765(@#*67(@" said LMGT, still choking on the spam lamb.

"Y'know what was cool, the donut storm." Awesome said.

Suddenly all the clouds appear and it starts raining donuts.


"OMG! DONUTS!" screamed LMGT. He ate 405713469087154069871439058741039406702 of them in one second.

"O_O" CK said.

"Extreme eating power." Johnny said.

"Let's do our super fist thingys!" Mario said.

"Mmmkay." replied HyperSugar.

Chill: Super Fist of the Party Hat!

Mario: Super Fist of the Mustache!

LMGT: Super Fist of the Glutton!

Kirby: Super Fist of the Vacuum!

Johnny: Super Fist of the Blonde-Hair!

Awesome: Super Fist of the Awesomeness!

Explorer: Super Fist of the Tiny Penguin!

Nobody continues.

"That got boring fast." LMGT said, stuffing a donut into his mouth.

"IKR?" GGD replied.

Suddenly lightning flashed. There was a hooded penguin carrying a balloon - well, it's shadow at least.

"WATuDOIN!" CK yelled.

"Ya got me, penguins with the wrong colors!" WATuDOIN said.

"Have you ever checked your color? It's brown." LMGT said.

"That's what Harbutt told me to say!" WATuDOIN replied.

Herbert appears and beats up WATuDOIN.

"Never. Call. Me. Harbutt. AGAIN." Herbert yelled.

Suddenly a giant donut appeared.

"Must eat." LMGT said.

"HALT! I AM GENERAL DONUT!" the donut yelled.


Boss: General DonutEdit

Huff N Puff's battle music starts up again.

Chill: All the edible bosses seem to have that battle music.

General Donut: I WILL WIN! What? OW!

LMGT: Mmmmm... Chocolate with sprinkles...

General Donut: GLUTTON ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

General Donut makes (literally) a million copies of himselves.


All the copies have vanilla frosting on them.



CK: No it's not. The clones all had vanilla frosting.

General Donut: <nowikitag>facepalm</nowikitag>

Awesome: What the... You don't even have arms!!!!

General Donut: Oops! <nowikitag>facepalm in mind</nowikitag>

Explorer: :|

York: A NINTENDOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nintendog throws off his costume, revealing--

Kirby: Hi!

York: :'(

LMGT: I'm hungry.

General Donut: !

LMGT chews off half of General Donut.

General Donut 1/2: O_

LMGT eats the other half.

LMGT: Victory by gluttony!

Mario: Onto the next star!

Everyone except Mario: Wut?

Mario: lol

Everyone Except Mario: ....

Chapter ReturnEdit

"LOOK! DEH BROWN PUFFLE CAVE!" screamed Explorer.

"O_O how did we get here?" asked Johnny.

"I have no idea." said Chill.

Meanwhile, Mario was trying on his tutu again, but a Brown Puffle saw him and, like Awesome, spilled more honey on his tutu.

">:(" yelled Mario.

Suddenly three strange shadows appeared.

"Huh?" said Ben.

Chapter 20: Revenge of the Test Bots Edit

"Oh noes! The Test Bots!" said LMGT.

"Our last battle was pointless so we're doing it again :D" said the Jet-Bot.

"Rematches are dumb. >:P" said Shark.

"Well, battle us." the Snow-Bot said.

"Will I ever get any lines?" the Wheel-Bot asked, oblivious to the fact that he just said something.


"Oooooh... My head..." said the Wheel-Bot.

"NOBODY BREAKS THE FOURTH WALL! NOBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled the Fourth Wall.

Megaboss: The Test BotsEdit

Battle Music: General Guy Battle

WATuDOIN and O'Chunks appear.


O'Chunks: You stole er batteh music!

Jet-Bot: Who cares.

Wheel-Bot: And we.... (wheeze) will crush (wheeze) you... After these (wheeze) guys... (wheeze)

O'Chunks: Prepare to beh chunked beh O'Chunks!


Snow-Bot: Yeah right.

Wheel-Bot: C'mon guys, let's (wheeze) fight! (light bulb flickers)

Random Chinese Guy: Hoyhoyhoyhoyhoyhoyhoyhoy!

Chill: Not you!


LMGT: :|

Wheel-Bot: Growin' old (wheeze) here... (wheeze)

Mario: You know robots don't age, right?

Wheel-Bot: (blink) Uhhh... (light bulb flickers) Your right. Yeah. (wheeze)

Chill jumps onto the Wheel-Bot's head.

Wheel-Bot: BLAGIDAGAGAGAGAGAG! END (wheeze) TRANSMISSION! (light bulb goes out)

Mario swings a Paper Mario-esque hammer into the Wheel-Bot.

Wheel-Bot: BLAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAAGAGAGA!!!!! (wheeze) END TRANSMISSION! (light bulb turns back on)

The Wheel-Bot's door swings open revealing his systems.

Johnny: Perfect!

Johnny uses a fire blast - right in the Wheel-Bot's system.

Wheel-Bot: BLAGIDAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (wheeze) END TRANSMISSION!!!!!!!!!! (light bulb flickers)

Chill attempts a Party Hat Poke on the Wheel-Bot's light bulb. However it only produces a small crack.

Wheel-Bot: Ow. (wheeze)

Random10101010101010101010101010101010010101 (endless 101's) is online!

CK: Argh! That's WATuDOIN's penguin!

Random10101010101001010101010100101010101001 (endless 101's) has gone offline!

CK: Phew.

Snow-Bot and Jet-Bot ram into Chill.

Mario: HOW DARE YOU DESTROY MY BEST FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(

Snow-Bot and Jet-Bot attempt to ram into Mario but he counter-attacks by hammering them into the Wheel-Bot.


Wheel-Bot: Wut? (smash)

Wheel-Bot's arm falls off.

Wheel-Bot: Needs.... battery.....

Johnny swings the Wheel-Bot with a bat.

Wheel-Bot: NOOO! NOT THAT KIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Wheel-Bot explodes.

Wheel-Bot's Head: Ow.

Chill gets up and steps on Wheel-Bot's head - but Jet-Bot lights him on fire with his jet pack.


Wheel-Bot's Head: Systems....destroyed.........shutting down........

Snow-Bot: I guess that backup gear in his head can only last so long.

Unlucky for the Test Bots, Chill is running around in pain (he's on fire, what do ya expect!!!!!!!) and jumps up and lands on the Snow-Bot, breaking the spring...thingy...

Snow-Bot: No! My snowboard!

Snow-Bot crashes onto the snowboard and it smashes to bits.

LMGT: I'm hungry.

Chill: O_O you just ate a giant donut!!!!!

CK: After this battle we can go to the Pizza Parlor.

LMGT: Yay!!

Mario stuffs a tutu on the Jet-Bot and Explorer sees it and spills honey on the tutu.

Author: New running gag. Honey always gets spilled on tutus.

Jet-Bot: No! It's leaking!!

The honey gets into Jet-Bot's system and it gets all sticky. He explodes, similarly to the Wheel-Bot.

Jet-Bot's Head: Oww!

Mario: Tutus make for weapons against robots!

Chill: The Wheel-Bot is nothing, the Snow-Bot can't move, and the Jet-Bot is a head. This will be easy!

Snow-Bot: Not so fast!

Snow-Bot and Jet-Bot explode on each other and they are restored to full power.

Explorer: Time to repeat our tactics!

Johnny lights Chill on fire so he can do that thingy again.

Unlucky for the Test Bots, Chill is running around in pain (he's on fire, what do ya expect!!!!!!!) and jumps up and lands on the Snow-Bot, breaking the spring...thingy...

Snow-Bot: No! My snowboard!

Snow-Bot crashes onto the snowboard and it smashes to bits.

Mario stuffs a tutu on the Jet-Bot and Explorer sees it and spills honey on the tutu.

The honey gets into Jet-Bot's system and it gets all sticky. He explodes, similarly to the Wheel-Bot.

Jet-Bot's Head: Oww!

Chill: Mmmkay. We're back to where we were before.

Mario hammers the Jet-Bot's helmet and it cracks open. Mario hammers the Jet-Bot's head again. Suddenly a gear pops out and the Jet-Bot's head explodes. Mario grabs the gear and it goes into the team inventory.

Snow-Bot: Uh oh.

Johnny tries to pick open the lock on the door that leads to the Snow-Bot's system. However the Snow-Bot slams his arms together and makes Johnny explode - but the force is enough to open the door.

Johnny: WOAH!

Johnny falls from the sky and does a fire blast. The Snow-Bot explodes.

Snow-Bot: You haven't seen the last of us.......

Everyone gets teleported to the Shore from the Wilderness Expedition.

Chapter 21: Pizza Time! Edit

"Great. How do we get to the Dock from here?" LMGT said.

Everyone tries to get on the barrel, but they can't because it's no longer in working order.

"Looks like Gary turned the machines off after all the Brown Puffles got rounded up." Awesome said.

Luckily Mario gives the barrel a nice good kick and it starts moving up.

"We'll have to remember that." GGD said.

Everyone reaches the Cliff.

"Where now?" CK asked.

"The Wilderness, duh!" Mario said.

They walk into the Wilderness and get lost on purpose.

"Shortcuts :D" Johnny said.

Everyone goes to the starting room from the lost room and then they walk into the Glade.

"Look! Leftover Expedition Hats!" Chill said. Everybody grabbed one.

Then they went to the Pizza Parlor.


"WAITOR!" said Mario.

"Yes?" said Waitor Ilovecats333.

"We would lik-" Mario said. However...


"OK." Waitor Cats said.

In like 1 minute, all the pizzas were there. But, after they finished eating them...

"I'm hungry!" LMGT shouted again.

"Dude, you ate 1 gazillion pizzas. And also, Earth Day will have to be serious this year. Why? Because the bill has used up a LOT of paper. And it’s STILL printing." said Awesome.


"Erm... okay." Johnny said. "Let’s go."

"Hey! The bill is flooding the Pizza Parlor!" said the manager.

However it was too late. The friends already left.

"Grrr. I'll track them down and make them pay someday!" said the manager.

Meanwhile in Chill's igloo...

"I'm glad we had leftovers :)" LMGT said.

"There's still a billion left. Are you sure you needed a gazillion?" CK said.

Suddenly the doors in Chill's igloo were busted down. It was--

"THE PIZZA PARLOR MANAGER!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!" everyone yelled.

Boss: Pizza Parlor ManagerEdit

PPM: You are gonna pay!

Chill: He's gonna kill us!

PPM: I mean you are gonna pay with money.

Chill: Oh.

PPM: But you'll pay 2 ways. >:)


PPM snaps his fingers and dons a Dimentio-ish Crown Thing. Likewise, Dimentio's battle music also plays.

LMGT: ...

PPMentio!!1!!!11!!!!oneone: >:P Hey, what's up with my name?



Random Chinese Guy: Hoyhoyhoyhoyhoyhoy!

Explorer: <nowikitag>facepalm</nowikitag>

PPMentio turns everyone into a pizza. Woo, awesome attack. NOT!


Author: Yeah, well, METEOR STORM!

Meteors start raining on PPMentio but he dodges everyone.

Chill Da Pizza: O_O

LMGT Da Pizza: I'm hungry...

Everyone except LMGT, Author and PPMentio: CANNIBAL ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:

PPMentio: >:)


Donuts rain on LMGT Da Pizza and he eats them all.

Everyone except LMGT, Author and PPMentio: That was close.

CK Da Pizza: Um, Author, we can't really attack.

Author: *intelligence boost* Hey! They can't attack! I should do something!

Author Settings > Party Member Da Pizza > Off

POOF xThe number of party members

Johnny: Better.

Mario: I'm hungry.


Author: Puffle Launcher Lawn Chair :D

Everyone except Author: ?

Author: Just mumblin'.

Mario: PIE!

Mario jumps at a mega pie and eats it whole. He turns lime green in an instant.

Mario: Too much pie... BLAA!

Mario throws up on PPMentio!!!!!!!

Author: Woot woot!


PPMentio makes himself explode and turns back into PPM.

LMGT: Aww man, I liked Dimentio's song.

York stares at PPM's HP bar and it drains down to 1.

PPM: that...?

Wheel-Bot: You (wheeze) haven't (light bulb flickers) seen (wheeze) the (wheeze) last (wheeze) of... (explodes)

Wheel-Bot's head lands on PPM.

PPM makes that sound that happens when a Medium Male Mii-

Author: MMM!!!!!

When a Medium Male Mii spins out in Mario Kart Wii.

Mario: KD!!!

Explorer: Wasn't it XD?

Mario: KD is the new XD! :D

Everyone except Mario: ...

PPM faints.

victory music

LMGT: What's this?

Chapter 22: COWBOYS! RUN! Edit

Everyone pops up in some Western-looking area. A small, round, ghost greets them.

"Welcome to Gusty Gulch. I don't know what else to say so I'mma explode." Brown Boo said.

Brown Boo explodes.

"Look! Darth Vader!" said GGD, pointing at the sky.

"Umm, GGD, that's just a rock." Chill said.

"O." GGD replied.

Some cowboy runs up to them.

"Howdy, cowboy." Chill said. But...

"Who ye?" the cowboy replied.

"We're Chill... I mean Team Chill I mean I mean Chill's Party!" Chill replied.

"Ye havin' a party?" the cowboy replied.

"No, like a team party." Chill replied.

"Ye havin' a party with ye team?"

"No, it's like a team, but we call it a party."

"Why? Cause it's fun?"

"No, ask Mario."

Paper Mario walks in with Paper Bow.

"Okay Mario, Tubba Blubba's Castle is just ahead." Bow said.

The cowboy walks up to Paper Mario.

"Oh no Mario! Look! An enemy is coming!" Bow said.

Everyone dashes off. Eventually they reach a small village.

"Help, I'm inside Tubba Blubba's stomache." a boo said.

Everyone stared.

"Then why are you out here?" Johnny said.

"Good point. I'mma explode then." the boo replied.

The boo explodes.

A Bob-omb walks up to them and explodes on them.

"BOOM BOOM BOOM! YEAH!" yelled the author.

"..." said everyone except the author.

":(" replied the author.

A snowflake falls and some a nintendog runs by and eats it.

"NINTENDOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed York.

The Nintendog took off it's costume to reveal none other then...

"Hi!" said Kirby.

":(" replied York.

"EEP!" screamed Ben.

"What are you doing here." said Tubba Blubba.

"W-" started Chill.

"Came to find out my secret? >:(" Tubba Blubba said.

"No?" Chill replied.

"LIARS!" Tubba Blubba screamed.


Boss: Tubba BlubbaEdit

Chill: Awesome, we get Tubba Blubba's boss music for Tubba Blubba!


Everyone except Mr. L: ...

Mr. L: ?

Mr. L explodes.

Tubba Blubba: I'm invincibbbbbbbbbbbblllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeee!

Chill: Did ya really have to stretch it out like that...?

Tubba: Yes :)

Author: Must make somethin' explode!

The author taps the screen with his hand and the Snow-Bot appears and lands in front of Tubba Blubba.

Snow-Bot: What am I doing here...?

The Snow-Bot explodes.

Tubba: Ow. I mean, haha, that didn't hurt at all.

Tubba Blubba faints.


Brobot appears.

Mr. L: My turn!

The Brobot battle music plays.

Author: NOT Brobot L-Type!!! ACCEPT IT OR ELSE!

The Gusty Gulch background rips off and everyone appears in space. Everyone dies except Chill, Mario, LMGT and Johnny.

Chill: O_O

Mr. L: I didn't die! >:(

And Mr. L, too. And Brobot. And me. :D

LMGT: O_O it's pretty bad when the narrator starts being random.

Author: But I am the narrator D:

Everyone except Author: O.

A weird plant named P.T. appears, although he's just an everyday Piranha Plant.

Mr. L: Why are you in my seat?

P.T.: You drove it on the way here, so now it’s my turn!

Mr. L: What?! There aren’t any turns! Besides, it’s my robot!

P.T.: I don’t see your name on it!

Mr. L: I don’t see yours!


LMGT: They seem to be distracted! Now’s our chance!

Johnny burns Brobot, causing him to explode. They all land back in Gusty Gulch.

Mr. L: Ow... HEY! I JUST REALIZED SOMETHING! You didn’t help me fight, and when you did participate, all you did was get me distracted!

P.T.: At least I don’t look like a Hamburglar rip-off.

Mr. L: You win this round.

They somehow turn into hamburgers and leave.

Chill: That was weird.

Everyone gets revived.

CK: What happened?

Mario: Forget it. Onto the next star!

Chapter 23: Random Music Plays For No Reason! Edit

Current Song: Twink's Theme

"What's up with the PM64 music?" LMGT asked.

"It's kewl." the Author replied.

Everyone walks around in a circle because the chapter name gives no hint as to what the goal of this chapter is.

"OW!" everyone said.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" laughed the Fourth Wall.

"Don't even start!" CK yelled.

"Aww." said Bowser and Random Chinese Guy.

"Zzzzzzzz." GGD said.

"I'm wearing a chicken nugget :D" Mario said.

Everyone looks at him and - sure enough, he's wearing a Chicken Nugget Costume. However, Awesome spills Sweet and Sour on the costume.


"I can't think of a boss so I'm just gonna recycle old bosses for this chapter.

Current Music: Koopa Village

"Seriously, what is up with the changing music!?!?!?!?!?!" Chill yelled.

LMGT randomly pastes up his signature.

MILLION DONUTZ for LMGT?!I'm in heaven!

"Tutus..." Mario mumbled. Mumble Mario. Mario Mumble. Kewl!

Ben randomly picks up a sandwich and drops it. It floats into his mouth all by itself.

Boss: Crumpled Up Old BossesEdit

'Battle Music: Paper Mario NORMAL Battle

Author: I've restored RPG conditions for this battle.

A crumpled up, paper version of the Fourth Wall appears.

Fourth Wall: You'll never defeat me!

Mario: Says who?

Fourth Wall: Says me! THE FOURTH WALL!

Choose attack!

Chill: What should I use... Wait! I got it!

Chill > Transform > Luigi

Chiluigi: Ya-hey! Luigi time!

"Luigi" > Jump > Springy Jump

Luigi: *bew chew* AHA!!!!!

Fourth Wall: Ooch! (18/20)

Mario: Let's-a go!

Mario > Stuff > Machine "Gum"

Fourth Wall: Owwowwowowowowoowowowowowowowowow (15/20)

Fourth Wall does a hard slam.

Luigi: Aww man! *poof*

Chill > Strategies > Change Partner > LMGT

LMGT: Woot! Car dude's in action!


Kirby > Inhale

Fourth Wall: NOOOO- (0/20)

victory music

A crumpled up version of O'Chunks??? appears.

Chill: Look! A unicorn!

O'Chunks???: Eh unicorn! CHUNKS AWAY!

victory music

A wild cream puff appeared!

LMGT eats the cream puff.

victory music woot

Chapter ReturnEdit

"That was the most pointless battle I've ever seen." Shark said.

Current Music: Castle Bleck

"Wut? But we're not in Castle Bleck." Hat said.

"O right. I'll save dat 4 lata." the author replied.

"OMG he's becoming the dumbest person alive." Explorer said.

Current Music: Bowser's Theme from Paper Mario

"It's called Angry Bowser." Mario said.

Current Music: Mad Bowser


Current Music: Angus Bowser


Current Music: Angy Bowser


Current Music: Goomba King Battle

"It's Goomba King's Decree."

"Whateva!" the author said.

Chill randomly carves Puffle Launcher Lawn Chair and (Not So) Super Paper Chill into a rock that appeared out of nowhere. It explodes into Wario.

"GIMMIE ALL YOUR MONEY!" Wario shouted. He charged toward them.

"Yipes! Onto the next star!" Mario yelled.

Chapter 24: IT'S WARIO!!!!!!!!1111!!1!!!!!!!1onoe!!canoes Edit

A piece of paper flips.

"Ow! Why did you go into the next chapter!?" Wario yelled.

Wario charges at them again.

"Onto the next sta-" Mario said, as Wario runs into them.

Boss: WarioEdit

Wario: Wario Time!

Johnny: Phew, we got the regular boss music back.

Wario eats garlic.

LMGT: I'm hungry!

Dimentio appears and his theme plays.

Dimentio: I've been looking for you! Since you got me written out of the ending, I'm going to destroy you.

Dimentio's battle theme starts.

Dimentio throws a magic ball thing and Wario grabs it and chucks it at them. However, there are sprinkles on this particular projectile.


LMGT eats it.

Author: Hey, 4 sentences all started with Dimentio! Dimentio, Dimentio, Dimentio's and Dimentio.

Wario grabs one of Dimentio's magic projectiles and chucks it at the author. He falls out of a rip in the sky and he is revealed to be...

Everyone except Author: SHY GUY!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Author/Shy Guy: Aww man. Now my identity is out.

Shy Guy spreads a curse on everyone so they forget he is Shy Guy. He jumps into the rip.

Author: I almost blew it there.

Wario chucks another thing at them. Mario pounds it with a Paper Mario Mallet (PMM!) and it flies back at Wario at infinite miles per hour. Wario explodes at the hardcore impact. However it shakes everything.


Club Penguin Island flips over 60 times and stops in the correct position.

Dimentio: O_O

Awesome grabs Dimentio and folds him.

Awesome: Scissors?


Chill hands Awesome some scissors but before he can chop Dimentio to his doom...

Dimentio: (muffled) Super Fist of the Crazy Magician: Explode Escape!

Dimentio blows up, severely injuring Awesome - it also blows everyone clear to the Volcano. What, we don't have a big enough budget to blow them to the moon. >:(

Chapter 25: Ultimate Volcano-Bot 10,000 Edit

Escape from Mt. Lavalava starts playing. The Volcano grows mega.

"Whaaaaaaaat?" Mario said.

Everyone starts running. They run for seconds. Then minutes. Then hours. Then days. Then weeks. Then months. Then years. Then decades. Then centuries. Chill grabs a time dial and goes back to the present.

Everyone starts running again. They run for hours, until they reach a strange room. Then Hot Times in Mt. Lavalava plays.

"I guess we can go back?" Johnny said. Everyone nods.

LMGT turns around when - a giant robotic hand pops out of the lava, smashing the mesh below it!!!!!

"Where all the !'s necessary?" CK asked.

"It's for dramatic effect!" the author said.

A second robot hand pops out. Then the Protobot's head. Then the rest of the Protobot.

Megaboss: The Ultimate ProtobotEdit

Battle Music: Lava Piranha Battle

Mario: The correct name is Go! Mario! Go! ya know.

Author: No! Rhymes! They buuuuuuuurn!

The Ultimate Protobot smashes everybody until they are like pancakes. He eats them.

Everyone except Protobot: O_O

Everyone turns to normal and Protobot shuts down.

Chill: Ya know, the Protobot should really have some lines.


Chill: Go!

Author: You control it.

Chill opens the Stage Booth, everyone gets out and Chill hops up to where Gary was captured. He starts driving it.

Mario: Woot wooooooooooo! Onto the next star!

Chapter 26: Mimimimimimimimimimimimimimi Edit

The Volcano shrinks to normal size. Everyone is teleported to Da Shoppin' Mall located in Somewhere, Somewhere.

"Cool!" LMGT yelled. He runs into a random food court and gets... "FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!"

Chill drives the Protobot in a Figure 1. Then 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Oh, did I mention the music from Flower Fields after you smash the cloud thingy is playing?

Mimi walks in.

"=O You invaded my private shopping mall! :(" Mimi cried.

"We don't care. Oh, and we destroyed Dimentio and O'Chunks." Chill said.

"WAAAAAAAAA!" screamed Mimi.

Boss: MimiEdit

Chill: Move in!


Mario: He's gone deaf.

LMGT: No I haven't.

Mario: Oh.

Mimi runs through everybody and flips them into paper.

Everyone flips back.

Mimi: Noooo! My attack didn't work!

Mimi explodes.

Chapter ReturnEdit

"Oooooookaaaaaaay." Chill said.

"..." GGD replied.

"I'm hungry again." LMGT said.

He runs into a random food court and gets... "FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!"

LMGT comes out eating two mega cheeseburgers and a pizza slice.

"Some day he's going to be mistaken for a puffle." CK whispered to Awesome.

"What?" LMGT asked while eating his last mega cheeseburger.

Chill claps his flippers together twice and Protobot appears.

"Now we don't have to haul this thing around!" Chill said.

Chill jumps in and starts driving Protobot around. However Mario claps his flippers together twice and Protobot disappears. Chill crashes to the ground.

"!" yelled Chill.

"Onto the next star!" Mario yelled.

Chapter 27: Castle Bleck Journey Edit

Everyone teleports from Da Shoppin' Mall to Castle Bleck.

"OK, what's up with the author adding all these locations that don't even exist in Club Penguin." Chill remarked.

"Uuuuuuuuuuuh..." the author said.

A goomba with sunglasses starts walking into LMGT.

"???" LMGT said.

LMGT kicks it. The goomba explodes.

Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser and Tippi walk by.

"Let's follow them." Johnny suggested.

After following them for quite some time, they reach a room with -- O'Chunks!

Boss: O'ChunksEdit

O'Chunks: Oy! So ye deceded to chunk up the Count? Well ye didn't expect fer me to be 'ere and get chunked 'ourselves, did ye?

Luigi: Stop talking.


Bowser: Bring it on!

Peach: Bowser? Why do you want to fight him?

Bowser: Because like how you and Mimi are the girls of your respective groups, Mario and Bleck are the leaders of their respective groups, and insert comparison between Luigi and Dimentio here, O’Chunks and I are the "Big Guys" of our respective groups. So we have to fight.

Luigi: But I never got a chance to fight him!

Bowser: Too bad!

Mario, Luigi and Peach leave.

Johnny: Hey!

Bowser: O_O

Johnny grabs Bowser and tosses him into a black hole.

Bowser: CURSE YOU!

Everyone except Chill, Mario, Johnny, LMGT and O'Chunks faint. The ones that fainted are teleported to Bleck's room.

Chill: Dang. Looks like it's just us four now.

LMGT: Like Super Paper Mario?

O'Chunks: Eh, let's just fight.

Count Bleck's battle theme begins.

Mario: Count Bleck? Why Count Bleck?

O'Chunks: Because the only battle themes of ours that are cool are Count Bleck's and Dimentio's. Meh and Mimi's fail.

LMGT: :|

O'Chunks grabs LMGT but squishes him.

O'Chunks: !!!!

LMGT: It pays to be a glutton. :)

O'Chunks, however, tosses him and turns to normal.


A ton of chocolate donuts appear and bury O'Chunks. LMGT eats them all.

LMGT: Yum! Hey, I'm hungry again :0

LMGT remembers he never ate his pizza slice from Da Shoppin' Mall. He pulls it out of his pocket and eats it. Then he runs at O'Chunks with such force that squishes O'Chunks against the wall - well, mainly because LMGT is fat but, eh.


Author: Hehehe!

O'Chunks: Yeh win.

Chill, Mario and Johnny walk through the door. They shut it. LMGT goes to open it but the room explodes.


Chapter 28: Adventures in Castle Bleck Edit

"Hey, where's LMGT?" Chill said.

"And Bowser?" Peach said. "Nah, I don't care. It'll be nice to not get kidnapped anymore."

"Oh, that, I threw him into a black hole." Johnny said.

":D" said Mario, Luigi and Peach.

Chill tries opening the door. However it won't move.

"O_O" everyone said.

Everyone walks ahead, following Mario, Luigi and Peach. Eventually they reach Mimi.

Boss: MimiEdit

Peach: I take it it’s my turn for a one-on-one with you.

Mimi: Pretty much.

Mario and Luigi leave the room, and Mimi transforms. She uses rubees to attack. However...

Johnny kicks Peach into the next room.

Peach: Waaaaaaaaaa!

Mimi: THIS is my true form, Penguin of Silly Wigs!

Luvbi: My line!

Johnny: How’s everyone know that I love wigs?!

Mimi does her rubee buzz-saw attack, but Johnny thinks quickly and takes away her rubees. When Mimi returns to spider form, Peach throws one rubee like a dart, luckily going through all the legs, defeating Mimi. She turns back to normal.

Chill and Mario walk through the door. Johnny stays behind to rub his victory in Mimi’s face.

Johnny: I won the fi-ight! I won the fi-ight! I won the fi-ight!

Mimi: Darn!

The floor opens up under Mimi, but Johnny grabs her arm.

Mimi: Why are you helping?

Johnny: Because you stole my wallet!

Mimi: How did you know?

Mimi’s weight causes Johnny to fall in, but he grabs the ledge. But a plate of fried chicken appears a few feet away from Johnny's hand.

Johnny: OH NOES!

Johnny, in fear, lets go of the platform and they both fall to their supposed doom as the room explodes. Meanwhile...

Mario: Hey, where's Johnny?

Chill opens the door but nothing happens.

Peach: I'm tired of questing!

Mario and Luigi: WAIT!

Peach teleports herself back to the castle.

Luigi: Great.

Chapter 29: Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (cough cough) Edit

Everyone follows Mario and Luigi - well, Chill and Mario I guess. So Chill and Mario follow Mario and Luigi. And they meet Dimentio! His battle music plays immediately.

Boss: DimentioEdit

Luigi: Your going down, Dimentio!

Mario runs into the next room, as does Chill.

Mario: Waaaaaaaaaait!

Mario grabs Luigi and tosses him into the next room.


Luigi teleports himself to Peach for her reason.

Mario: If only LMGT were here...

LMGT's cap appears on Mario's head.

Ma34ri45o Rk: I'M HUNGRY!

Dimentio: !!!

Ma34ri45o Rk turns Dimentio into a donut and eats him. The cap falls off. However the room begins to explode!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mario: Oh noes!

Chapter 30: Chaotic Showdown! Edit

"Hey, what happened to Mario?" Chill said to himself.

He opens the door. Nothing happens.

"Sigh." Chill said.

Chill follows Mario and eventually they reach Bleck's Room. He sees Hat Pop, CK, GGD, Sharkbate, Ben, York and the others (except Mario, Johnny and LMGT) laying unconscious.

"Bleh heh heh BLECK!" Count Bleck yelled. Suddenly his battle theme starts.


A cutscene is shown with the Void destroying the Dojo and all the rooms you can get to from there. (Ninja Hideout, Fire Dojo, Water Dojo)

"Grr..." Chill said.

FINAL Megaboss: Count BleckEdit

Chill: We're all in this together!

Mario: You've got that-a right!

Chill and Mario jump up onto the platforms and jump on Bleck - but a shield protects him!

Mario: Oh no! Wait-a, the Pure Hearts!

Mario holds out 9 gray pure hearts.

Chill: ...

Mario: Aww man, they got-a used up! D:

The door swings open.

Mario: Hold on there!

Johnny: Don't start without us!


Chill: Guys!

Super Mario: No time to waste-a, let's-a go!


The Pure Hearts' color restores.

Bleck: Wut?

Bleck explodes. No wait, just his shield.

Bleck: D:

LMGT zaps Count Bleck - his top hat turns into chocolate cake and LMGT eats it. It is revealed that his hair is.


Hat wakes up and he others do too. They join the fight. Everyone comes for Bleck. After 3 hours of beating him up, he drops the Chaos Heart.

Count Bleck: Nooo...

???: YOU HAVEN'T WON YET!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome: Huh?

Explorer: That voice sounds familiar.

The Fourth Wall floats into view and seals the Chaos Heart.

Count Bleck: :O

Fourth Wall: I'm sick and tired of everyone breaking me. So to end that... I'M GONNA DESTROY THE WORLD!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!1!!oneoneone!1

Chapter 31: The Ultimate Showdown Edit

True Final Boss: The Fourth WallEdit

The Ultimate Show (better known as Super Dimentio Battle) plays.

Fourth Wall: It's time to end this!

The Fourth Wall grows mega and starts to shine.

Chill claps his flippers together twice and Protobot appears. Chill gets in and jumps up the platforms on Protobot. Fourth Wall blasts everyone.

Stormax: Dodges dodges dodges I dodge everything! Even giant tuuuuuuuuuuuuuUuuUrtles!

Bowser falls on Stormax.

Stormax: Nevermind.

The blast explodes right before it hits anybody.

Everyone: ...

???: We won't stand for this!!!

Herbert P. Bear, Klutzy the Crab, and the Test Bots come in.

Wheel-Bot 2.0: You've caused enough trouble, Mr. Fourth Wall!

GGD: Your helping us?

Klutzy: No, we just don't want the world to end.

GGD: Oh.

O'Chunks???, Uberfuzzy, Sannse, Scarecroe, Wompus, Weegee, Penguin by the igloos near the plaza, WATuDOIN, Fonzie, Big Bird, Huff N Puff, Puffle Launch Crab, King Boo, Chill N Freeze, Sanity Penguin, General Donut, Pizza Parlor Manager, Tubba Blubba and Wario walk in. Well, some fly in.

Fourth Wall: O_O

???: Don't forget me!

The ground shakes and Kraken smashes through the floor.

Everyone except Fourth Wall: Your goin' down, man!

Snow-Bot: By the time we're finished with you, you'll be broken so bad you would be glad to be broken by just one person!

Jet-Bot: Oh, that's a cool Chapter Name. Ultimate Showdown? Yeah.

Fourth Wall: YOU BROKEZ MEH! D:

Bricks start toppling off of Fourth Wall's platform.

Wheel-Bot 2.0: Remember in Chapter 20 when I was all "wheeze"?

Fourth Wall: No!

More bricks fall.

Author: I can't wait to write the sequel to this story!

Fourth Wall: CURSE YOU AUTHOR!!!

An avalanche of bricks falls off the platform.

General Donut: ULTRA COPY!


General Donuts: Which one of us is real?

Fourth Wall: Uhh, the one in the top left corner.

General Donut: WRONG!

The clones explode on the Fourth Wall.

Fourth Wall: No! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

The End

Author: Read Puffle Launcher Lawn Chair for more wacky, zany, crazy fun!